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Hello everyone!

Well, I'm at the early stage of planning my itinerary for my upcoming trip to Peru, and I would greatly appreciate some advice.

My flight from Canada arrives in Lima on May 17th. I return home on June 2nd. That's 16 days.

Places that i really want to visit are; Lima, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Iquitos and the Amazon. I'm not interested in the Inca Trail.

So with this in mind, what else is interesting? What other places should I fit in my itinerary? Do I have time to go to the beach? What do you recommend? What order should I do it in? Etc?

I'm very open to all ideas and suggestions.

I thank you in advance! :)


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Lima is worth a few days. Most stay in nearby Miraflores.
The gold museum is worth 10 minutes but the military museum above it is worth an hour.

Cuzco is worth a look around and while there, pop into a local travel agent and get some day or part trips to places nearby.

Machu Picchu is 5 hours away by train (about 7.30am from the back of town) and to be honest, you can see the lot and catch a train back late afternoon. Another day would be just more of the same.

You can book a tour of Iquitos and the Amazon, which is a bit expensive.

You might visit the Nazca lines and take a flight over them but that is quite some distance away.

Be careful of pick pockets in Peru.

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Hi if ur interested in some adventure sports there is a really cool little town called Huacachina, its about three hours from Lima. Its set in the middle of a desert style with massive sand dunes. U can do day trips of dune buggy riding, and u can also do sandboarding which is great fun..... If u want to hit the beach a town called Mancora which is in northern Peru is the place to go...

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I suggest you do Iquitos first. If you will do an Ayahuasca ceremony in Iquitos just be careful on choosing an honest Shaman. Get recommendations first. Also, be careful in Iquitos as crime is really growing there due to more tourism. After the Amazon you could fly or take a bus to Arequipa and visit the city and Colca Canyon, then go to Puno and visit laketiticaca, after bus to Cusco and visit machu picchu, sacred valley pisac, ollantaytambo, chinchero, moray maras/salineras. you could do a 4 hr trek off the beaten path with a san pedro ceremony if interested. finally you can spend two days in Lima.

let me know if you need private car/guide services or a recommended agency.