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Before coming to australia every new traveller should watch the movie called "Fat Pizza". Its the best insight on australia that you will ever find.

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lol, haven't seen it, but did watch some of the tv show.

I'd say it's about as much insight into Australia as Ali G is insight into the UK. Probably good for a laugh though.

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Or Alley McBeal in the states

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This is what I just found about "Fat Pizza"

"...The reviews were few and far between, however there were a few on the internet. At http://www.theage.com.au the review was only compared to a movie of the same release date Johnny English. The anonymous author stated that although the movie was only released in 101 cinemas, verses Johnny Englishðs 205, the movie came in a very deserving second in Australian cinema. As a Fat Pizza fan, the author raved about the film, stating it was strictly Australian. On the website http://www.smh.com.au Sandra Hall of the Sydney Herald News gives a terrible review of the film. She says "I wouldn't call it a script. It's more like a series of eruptions planned around a checklist of offendable minorities and social taboos which they have an urgent itch to break, preferably while breaking wind." This review was only taken from the point of view of the Middle aged woman trying to be in the mindset of a young man with his hormones raging. She stated she should not get into that mindset, and therefore perhaps she was not giving it a fair review. One more review, found on http://www.news.com.au written by Vicky Roach for the Daily Telegraph, gives the film a mixed review. She says she gives the film credit for being the disgusting joke it is, however the jokes go a bit over the line...."

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wow-whats it all about then-i'm gonna have to go and search that now!!

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Here's the film review by Radio Station Triple J:

First there were the four Pizza short films, then came Pizza the SBS TV series, followed by the stage show which took Australia by storm. And now there's Fat Pizza the feature film, written, directed and starring comedian Paul Fenech and his merry bunch of "chocko" mates, all eager to unleash their suburban brand of lowbrow humour onto Australia's big screens. All that's left now for Fenech to do is to turn Pizza into a video game and he'll have covered all the major food groups as far as media domination is concerned.

Fat Pizza the "filum" is yet another slice of life at this dodgy suburban Sydney take away. Bobo Gigliotti (Johnny Boxer) the grouchy pizzeria owner/pizza chef is awaiting the arrival of his mail-order refugee bride Lin Chow Bang (Tuyen Le), and a new pizza delivery "stooge" is on the block. Channel V's Jabba almost steals the show as token skip delivery boy Davo Dinkum, a stoner with a bong strapped to his face like a feedbag. Forget Brad Pitt's slacker smoke-hound in True Romance, Jabba wins the most-authentic-stoned-guy-on-film contest from here on in (he must have put in a lot of research for the role).

In tune with the TV series, no cow is too sacred for this ethnic comedy Fat Pizza. The film is really a long-form version of the Pizza TV show, and as a result not much of a movie technically speaking (after all, it was written in a week). The wafer thin script running underneath its collection of sketches and exaggerated ethnic suburban bogan boy characters doesn't do much to prevent monotony setting in around the half way mark – things start to become formulaic and a bit dull.

But you've got to hand it to Fat Pizza, for its exuberance, its Terry Gilliam-inspired exaggerated camera angles, and its outrageous political humour which gleefully tosses middle Australia's bigotry right back in its face. Ultimately this allows Fat Pizza to rise above the traditional Aussie "let's laugh at ourselves comedy" and cultural stereotype jamborees. Fat Pizza is brazen in fact, especially with its depictions of redneck Immigration Police (they have to be seen to be believed), and a level of "vulgarity" to rival that of the Farrelly Brothers' films.

If anything Fat Pizza owes more to irreverent (and scathing) Oz comedies like The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972) with its acerbic cultural observations, than its lesser 'wogslpoitation' cousin The Wogboy (2000). And you'd trip over a Cheech and Chong movie along the way (and a hip hop movie parody or two), well before stubbing your toe on TV show Acropolis Now in an archeological dig for Fat Pizza's film heritage.

Which makes Fat Pizza pretty interesting as a local movie, with good belly laughs here and there, but unfortunately not a great one.

2 ½ slices.

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Apparently a good Aussie movie is 'The castle' Ive watched it and it's er....different but I'd say watch it as it has the odd funny moment but its really 80's and ironic funny as apposed to just funny. All Australians seen to love its its like their national film or something.

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My brother/sister-in-law lived in a house right next door to where part of The Castle was filmed in the small town of Bonnie Doon. Ah, the serenity! hehe

It's actually not that old - only 5 or 6 years old. It really is just a caricature of a specific type of Australian (similar to Fat Pizza in that way). While I find it quite funny/cute, it is kind of patronising really. Anyway, the same production team made another film by the name of 'The Dish', which I actually think is a better film.

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Remember Ted Bullpit in "Kingswood Country" ?