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Hi travelers!
I'm an elementary school teacher in Canada. I want to volunteer next summer in Kenya or Tanzania. But all what I find on the net is associations who want more our money than our help. I don't have money so I still searching. I want to work in a little school. I wish I could help teachers to plan and organize their actions and activities in their local school. I have a background of 15 years in education (children 4 to 12) that I want to share. I wish to listen to teachers what they live, what are their needs and concerns and give them the best of myself to improve what we can improve. I do not want to be the tourist that passes, plays with the kids and leaves.

I don't want to be with a student group. My availability is from July 2 to August 12. I wish I could offer my help over a period of three weeks and go on safari and explore the country for a week later.

I am not in search of comfort at all. However, I need my solitude moments to feel great. I would not be comfortable sleeping in a large dorm with a lot of people. My desire is to be as much as possible mix with local people to help and understand them better.

My budget: 1900$ for the flight No more than 14$ a day for accommodation and meals 300$ to travel a little

I'm looking forward to read you,

P.S. Does anyone know this association?

New Hope Children's Centre

Githuya Area, Uplands (about 42Km from Nairobi)

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Hello Manilie,
I've posted several useful info for your aspirations.Let me know if you get them

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in tanzania i cam across this, seems pretty good if you ask me i sent them an e-mail and they replied realy helpfull !!


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I would recommend Kenya. Tanzania started charging a pretty substantial fee for international volunteers.

Never heard of that particular organization. Have you considered fundraising at all?

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OK, here's the real deal. There are a hundred hundred companies out there offering to organise a volunteer programme for you. As you so rightly said, they are after your Money, not your help.

Contact a church group! Even if you're not religious, the people won't mind. Education is education. They will gladly organise a place you can teach or use your skills best. I've met hundreds of Kenyans who've heard about these pay/volunteer programmes and have been disgusted by them profiting from Kenya's needs.

The Mercy Nuns (Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy) may be able to help. They're mostly Irish nuns, and quite elderly, who realise the value of education as their core value. I will gladly give you their details if you want to send a private mail.

Don't pay, they really do need you on the ground.

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hi, thank a lot for you question
about the volunteer, i have a friend of mine whom have a orphanage in Nairobi called 'good Samaritan children home" you can get in touch as you arrive Nairobi. it is ab out 3 km from the city center.
i hope to get back to you soon,
kind regards