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Help needed for first timer

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1. Posted by rackylou (Budding Member 29 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hi my name is rach and I'm hoping to be going travelling in June for 3 months to a few places with a partner. I have seen a round the world flight ticket for £1399 and we will be going to new delhi- hong kong- Bangkok then spending about a month on the different Thailand islands- across to Cambodia- Borneo- Australia - new Zealand - cook islands- new York to fly back to London.
I'm sorting out visas at the mo, I know I need one for new Zealand and India , can get one online for Australia and America and I'm unsure about the one for Cambodia as I've heard you can get it there but you might get scammed?

As a first time traveller I wondered if anyone had any tips for me? Is this a good route? We have budgeted £1000 a month for the three months and understand its cheap to live in Thailand so will prob save a bit there. Is there anywhere that is a must to see? Can you recommend any of the islands?

What would you recommend to bring and definitely not to bring etc? I don't want to over pack or forget any essentials. I know it's rain season in Thailand during June July but I wasn't going to bring walking boots as they are heavy to carry. Should I? Even in rain I thought I could wear either flips flops, casual flats or walking sandals?

Was thinking of visiting the taj mahal in India, temples in Bangkok, temples in Cambodia, maybe the full moon/half moon party in Thailand, seeing the orangutans in Borneo, Sydney in oz, empire state and statue of liberty etc in new York and have no idea what to see in new Zealand.

I would be grateful for any help and tips on anything from accommodation, places, budget, what to see or help on packing... Anything really! :-)

Rach x :)

2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1855 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

You are going in the rainy season for Asia. That can mean drizzle or torrential rain. It is also winter Down Under. Mid November to mid February is better, when it's cold back home. At least take a few small telescopic umbrellas. It should however be fairly hot so light shoes or flip flops are fine.

To me you are trying to do too much in too short a time with apart from Thailand just having a look in on each country. A few decades ago I did two 7 week trips to India, travelling continuously and still missed places out.

Hong Kong try the New Chungking Mansions. The subway makes getting around easy. Take the Star Ferry to Hong Kong island (from Kowloon) and catch a 15C bus from a stop a little way along on the right for the station for Victoria Peak.

Borneo I found a bit disappointing.

Not really a lot in Sydney: Opera House, Bridge, Bondi Beach, Manly ferry, etc.

Like Lemmings, most who go to New Zealand go to the south of the South island. A fair bit to see elsewhere. I like all the small towns, etc. You can arrive at one airport and take off at another with a RTW ticket. If you want scenery, Norway is probably better, and closer.

Hostelbookers, lowcostholidays and the like have budget accommodation.

Travel light. Anything extra you need you can generally buy along the way.

As to what to see, type in a destination and tourism into a search engine and you'll find sites with information.

3. Posted by rackylou (Budding Member 29 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hi thanks for your reply!
yeah we are trying to fit in as much as possible, as i have to be back for september, but we are fine with just poping in and seeing a few things in each area, apart from thailand where we are going to spend about a month.
thanks for the info, i will take it on board.
Rach :)

4. Posted by hey_monkee (Respected Member 430 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

I can help you with Aussie and NZ, Rach! I'm a Kiwi myself and have spent plenty of time in Aussie, so let me know if you have any specific questions on these 2 countries. PM me if you like :) Queenstown in the South Island of NZ is a travellers paradise, year round - for the snow in the winter and the various adventure activities throughout the summer. Theres plenty to see all around NZ though, depending on your interests and preferences. Lots of travellers do a route down the east coast of Aussie, is this what you were thinking of doing? It will be winter the further south you go there, (ie. down in VIC or TAS if you were gonna jump over there) but tropical north QLD will still be getting warm summery kind of temperatures. Anyway just get in touch if you'd like specifics

5. Posted by Dodger (Inactive 873 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Seriously I don't how you are going to make this work in 3 months. From what you say I'm not sure if your ticket includes flights from Bangkok to Cambodia and Borneo, if not then those are the first to cut out. Also don't know if you are on a set schedule in each place or free to make it up yourself.

For Delhi you can hire a taxi to take to you to the Taj, for two people this will be the easiest and fastest way.

For Aus and NZ Id say concentrate on seeing one or two places rather than a crazy schedule that will leave you seeing more airports than country. Depending on how hardy you are Aus and NZ can be darn miserable in those winter months. Maybe something like fly into Sydney, take about 3 days here to see museums etc, then take a flight up to Cairns and get some sun and tropics on the beach. You can get a direct flight from Cairns to Auckland, but your ticket may not allow this, but anyway from Auckland I'd head straight into Queenstown and go skiing. might as well embrace the cold and enjoy it! After that you'll be ready for more sun in the Cook Is. For the states, probably concentrate on a small area again and go to maybe one or two places. From LA you can rent a car and go to the Grand Canyon, Vegas back through Death Valley and back to LA.

As for things to take, the beauty of travel is it teaches you there is nothing you absolutely need. So pack a bag then throw 50% of it out. Both Aus and NZ have good thrift/charity shops that you can kit yourself out with warm "colourful"! gear that will be fine for the few days that you will be there. Much better than dragging it with you through all those hot countries that you will never need it in.

6. Posted by rackylou (Budding Member 29 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for your replies, sorry for my late reply, i didnt know that anyone had replied. sorry.

the flights incudes everything except the one from bangkok to cambodia but we have seen flights for £30-£60 so thats not a problem.
Dodger you said you don't think we can make it work, why is that? I appreciate any opinions and help as its obviously my first time.

Hey_monkee We are flying into sydney when we go into oz and aukland in NZ.
We also wanted to go to new york but due to flight miles we are restricted to LA.
Also due to visa problems we are cutting out india :(

thanks for your help
Rach x