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41. Posted by Zhou (Full Member 126 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

mtlgal, China is not equal to Communist.I was supporting China, not Communist. Saying me brainwashed by communist makes me feel offended. I`d rather be brainwashed by Fendi&Dior.OK.I`d better stop here in case I would be misled into any nonsensical words.

42. Posted by Wocca (Inactive 3745 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!


Quoting mtlgal

"... The communists are very deft at propagenda and brainwashing, albeit in a less controled environment and with more subtilty. I can see their handiwork whenever my conversations with my cousins remotely touch politics, and I can see it in Wocca and Zhou's posts..."

I agree with Zhou:

[/quote=Zhou]"...I`d like to discuss something else that is closer to our real life..."[/quote]

You are entitled to your opinion mtlgal. I have lived in China for the past couple of years and teach at a Chinese government university of finance & economics. I have no immediate plans of leaving. The university I'm at is affiliated with other universities in the USA, UK, Australia, et al. I hold a Foreign Experts Certificate and a Foreigner Residence Permit. It is deemed that my professional efforts contribute to the advancement of my host country and its population.

The standard employment contract issued and printed by The State Administration Of Foreign Experts Affairs, between the university (on behalf of the Chinese government)& myself reads as follows:

"... (sic) The two parties, in a spirit of friendly cooperation, agree to sign this contract and pledge to fulfil conscientiously all the obligations stipulated in it..."

"... (the foreign expert)shall observe the laws, decrees and relevant regulations enacted by the Chinese government and shall not interfere in China's internal affairs..."

"... (the foreign expert)shall respect the Chinese people's moral standards and customs..."

The above contract is not open to discussion / debate to anyone who is not privy to it. Myself and the countless other foreign "experts" in China are happy to comply.

I'll respectfully reserve any of my own comments on any other form of politics for now. This thread began merely for Chinese proverbs NOT as a political or cultural hatred campaign. It would certainly not be appreciated if "outsiders" chose to interfere in or claim "propaganda and brainwashing" about other societies or nations in the world.

[/quote=Wocca]"...Thanks for prompting me, Jared ....

4)Follow the local custom when you go to a foreign place.
5)It's is impossible to change your basic characteristics.
6)Once bitten by a snake, you are even frightened by a rope that resembles a snake.[/quote]

If you plan to travel in the world, you have to be prepared to expect a few differences. If you go one big step further, and are eligible legally to live in another country, then you have to be very open-minded and tolerant. You need also to be able to objectively assess your own ism's and whence they came.

You have clearly stated your's:

Quoting mtlgal

"...I felt that my whole life had been a lie, a deception, and that I was betrayed by those who I trusted the most..."

Congratulations on moving to a country that you are happier in.

Now, can we get back to the original thread?

A Chinese PROVERB that I've just heard is:

"Don't make trouble when you are NOT in trouble"


43. Posted by mtlgal (Full Member 1179 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Geez, people on this forum are touchy! Here is a good old English proverb for you - "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!"

44. Posted by Wocca (Inactive 3745 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Why don't you start a new thread and call it "English Proverbs"?