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1. Posted by DaveLister (Budding Member 17 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi, long time no post here. My name is matty, im 31 going on 21 from bristol uk but relocated to solihull. I thought I had settled down in life, but since christmas I have had a longing to travel again. I currently work with a tree surgeon (which I still enjoy very much) but Im planing on leaving as soon as I have enough money to stay travelling for atleast 3 months, I Will also be selling all my work tools and anyting else I wont be needing on the other side of the world (like why have I got 3 pc's and 2 laptops? when I only need 1!) so I cant see me working for much longer, altough the longer I do work the longer I can travel.

In the last 9 years I have been to thailand, india, amsterdam, cypress, spain & bulgaria. but have never really done much travelling in any of these places. I cant stop thinking about thailand so that has to be a destination I visit, but not sure where else to go. I have allways gone away with friends/family but this will be my first trip traveling alone & the thought is slightly daunting also I swear id go crazy without anyone to talk to/share intrests, having said that I do remember that there was allways plenty of people I met and talked to when I was away, but would feel alot better knowing I had atleast one person that I could call my travel buddy.

I havnt made any arrangments yet, not booked any flights or really looked any further than thailand so far so this post is my first real step (other than warning my boss im going to be leaving at some point soon)

If anyone reading this has travel plans or is looking to make some and is going it alone and feels they would be better off safety and sanity wise with a travel partner please give me a shout! I dont mind if your male or female, 18 or 81 aslong as you want to travel and see new things. As I said above im not to bothered where I go, aslong as thailand is on the list.

I cant think of anything else to say right now, other than my excitment level has gone up again while writing this

hope to hear back from you potential travel buddy(s) soon

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Hi Matt,

sounds like your itching to go.

i am going to be travelling to india on June the 5th (mumbai up to darjeeling) for 45 days then heading over to thailand via singapore. from there heading to bali (island hopping) then to oz and finally going to south america for 6 months.

if you manage to sort out any plans which happen to fall in line with mine get in contact.

this will be my first big travelling adventure and i can't wait for it to start. very nervious, but more excited.

im 27 very outgoing. basically i want to experience new things everyday that i am away (which is a year)

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nice one :) what plans do you have for thailand? or is a a take each day as it comes? how long are you staying there and how are you getting to to bali? my family go to bali atleast once a year they love it there and say the people are the most friendly they have ever met. Thai people are the most friendly I have ever met, havnt been to bali yet but is definetly on my list.

4. Posted by Semafor (Budding Member 28 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

yeah its gonna be day by day. plan to go to the full moon party on the 4th of August and see a mate who has been living out there for 2 years but besides that im keeping it loose. want to see all the other contries too, so laos, veitnam, cambodia etc before heading down to Bali. (in terms of getting to bali im gonna ferry accross from singapore dropping in on a few of the Isands before a get to Timor and Bali.

i am going to be in the area for about 4 1/2 months before flying off to Oz but i have an open ticket so could be longer.

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Hey Dave,

Im travelling SE Asia and then Aus in the next few months, Im 22 (will be 23 when I leave) and from Bristol to.

When are you thinking about leaving and have you got any plans?

Ps, why would you leave Bristol for Solihull.... I havent been there but why leave bristol lol.


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