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I am starting this thread for those of you interested in keeping up with new photos featured in the gallery. To keep up to date, simply flag this thread. You will be sent an email every time this thread is updated. I will update it every time a new picture is added.

NOTE: please don't respond to this thread, as it will mean everyone is falsely notified of new pictures :)

To start off there are some new pictures that I have added over the last few days.

Mike Pugh's selection of pictures from Asia (India, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia) are a record of the journey that he is making over the course of this year. Follow the link to his website for many more interesting pictures and some great stories.

Romy Kumar, an Indian living in Finland has submitted some pictures of the beautiful Taj Mahal and some nice shots of a very wintery Finland.

Martin Coombs has added a picture taken in Turkey of one of many strange formations - this one used by the Turkish army.

Nilesh Korgaokar is passionate about the beaches in Western India - looking at the picture he has taken at Achra Bandar gives us a good clue why!

And Sarah Macfarlane from New Zealand has submitted some lovely (and very artistic) photos from some of her touring holidays last year. We look forward to more from her as she is currently in the middle of some extensive travelling!

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New photos 10.03

Richard Brain's pictures of the middle east document his and his wife Helen's travels as they retrace Captain William Shakespear's journeys through this area, a relative of Helen's.

Gavin Tsai's photo of Mykonos in Greece has added to our already diverse collection of Greek pictures.. strange how all of the Greek shots are mainly blue and white

I have added two of my own pictures taken while I was in Switzerland in 1998.. the result of cleaning the study and sorting through some old shots :)

That's all for now - stay tuned for more.

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Thanks to Richard Johnson for submitting some of his pictures from India and Ecuador. 4 of his pictures have been uploaded and can be seen in the gallery.

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Carmen Mardiros' pictures of Scotland have been added to the gallery. These are part of Carmen's greater gallery of digital pictures of Scotland that are accessible at her website. Follow the link in the gallery to read more about the history and culture of Scotland.

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See the April thread for some new shots.