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1. Posted by titaniam1 (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Can I get my US passport stamped for a Russian visa while being in Canada. What I'm wondering is, can it be stamped by the US embassy in Canada?


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It should be sent to the Russian Embassy in Canada, shouldn't it? I don't think the U.S. Embassy has to do anything. I just got my Russian Visa in Canada on a Canadian Passport and the travel agent sent it directly to the Russian Embassy. You need to find a travel agent that deals with Russian Visa. You can't go straight to the embassy. If you go to the website call 'Voyage Canada' and go to 'Russia' and 'Entry/Exit Requirements' they used to list credible travel agents that can do this. Maybe the other option is to just call the US embassy. They are there to help, but i think you can just deal with a Russian travel agent in Canada.

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@vickim ... I believe that you can go to the visa section at a Russian Embassy and present your passport and a copy of your travel invite through the hotel where you are staying or by presenting your official tour itinerary documentation. I saved some money by doing the leg work here in Washington, DC when I went on a tour of the Russian Federation in 2007. My visa was ready for pickup at the embassy in 5 days and I avoided mailing my passport to a visa service.

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Yes... The application has to be made at a Russian Embassy. Go to the Russian Embassy website and look for the "Consular Services Section". They will be able to guide you. Offices can be found in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. If you follow the directions exactly, it is hassle free... at least that was my experience dealing with the Embassy in Ottawa. Fees go up as the processing time decreases.

You will need an "invitation" which you can get from many specialized companies. My "Business" invitation was from the "Spartak Football Club" in Moscow! Helpful when moving around as people automatically think you are important! Your friend google and Russian Visa Support should provide you with a list of these companies.

I believe some of these companies can also handle the whole process for you, ie., visa + invitation, however, It may be more complicated if you are not in your home country.

You will need to indicate what cities you will be visiting on your application. Once in Russia, you need to register before 72 hours in the country... But your hotel/hostel can usually handle that. You will also need to re-register anytime you change towns and stay for more then 72 hours in a new town. If you are constantly on the move, you should keep all your receipts and tickets to acct for you travels.

PS. The Russian Visa is not a stamp but a complete page stuck on your passport. Looks much better then a stamp!

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Thanks everyone. Especially Showdogs1, for an informative response. I have gotten several pages (yes they look good) of russian visas, but have never done it from another country.