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Hello Everyone,
I am traveling to Scotland with a few friends this summer...we are coming from the USA and will be flying to Cork Ireland (because it's much cheaper than flying direct to Edinburgh or London) and taking easyjet to London Gatwick airport. This is where you come in. What is the cheapest way to get to Edinburgh from London? Is there anything under $50 or 25 pounds? I dont care if it's Air, Train, Bus, or Taxi, I just would like to know the cheapest way to get there. Because I'm not coming up with much on my internet searches. I find that to take a bus it costs about 125 pounds! And to take a train it's about 100 pounds! are these prices real or is there something cheaper? We will be getting to London on the 21st of July and returning the 3rd or 4th of August.
Any help would be awesome.
Thanks much,


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You may be able to get a flight with RyanAir, EasyJet or Flybe if you book in advance. Try from Stansted or Gatwick. Trains here are pretty expensive, a taxi is definitely out the question. A bus may be ok. National Express is the main carrier here so maybe check out there website as i'm not sure the prices, but they would depart from London Victoria. A colleague of mine used to fly down from Edinburgh every 8 days to London and sometimes he got flights for just a few pounds plus a bit of tax. I would not be put off if you don't get a cheap flight first time you look at these airfares as they are pot luck and prices vary, but as a rule of thumb, the more in advance you book it the more chance you have of a cheap ticket. Hope this helps.

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Just to clarify prices you have already - your train fare sounds right, but your bus fare sounds way, way over-priced. If you don't get any joy with the national express web-site i don't mind giving them a call for you. Just let me know if you want me to get a quote from them.

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Hey there, my mate goes up to Edinburgh every so often and she always gets the train, i will be going there with her and she reckons that it will cost about £35 to get a flight-which i think is what we are doing!

If you need any more info-let me know and i'll ask me mate just say the word!

Oh and is so out of bounds-unless you want to pay £200!! Taxi from East of Essex to london-one way is about £90.

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Forget taxi. You can buy cars cheaper (no joke). If you book teh train in advance, and especially if you rdon't travel on a friday or saturday, it will me much cheaper. Unfortunately the very cheapest fares restrict you to specific seats on a specific train, so if your flight is delayed by too much, you will be stuck. The bus price looks waaay over. Both National Express (either direct from Gatwick or from London itself) should be much cheaper.

Th very cheapest is likely to be Megabus. They are a relatively knew bus /coach company working at the basement endf of prices. It won't be teh most comfortable bus maybe, but it will be the cheapest. It is book online and in advance for the cheapest tickets, but they are so chepa you don't loose much anyway.

Unfortuantely, you still have to get to central London (Victoria, on a direct train from Gatwick airport), and have to change again in Glasgow, but the London - Glasgow bus selected on a random day in March costs 3.20. Glasgow to Edinburgh only 1.00, plus 2 booking fees of 50p each. I.e. London to Edinburgh for only 5.20, plus about 8-10 on the train from Gatwick.