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I have a rejected-stamp in my norwegian passort from Sweden! Beeing neighbours and all, we really don't need a passport to travel between the countries. I brought mine because I was going to a demonstration, and they stamped it rejected for 48 hours...and drove me back to Norway in a police car, such a waste of money...
Very strange country, the demonstration was legal and all, no reason, just for the hazzle...

Idz ;)

How weird. Are you a football hooligan by any chance?

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My friend was refused exit from Romania for a short time, while the police investigated a car crash he was involved in. The authorities stamped a massive great black letter "R" in his passport, on the page opposite his photo. As soon as he was clear to leave, they stamped a "T" and embossed it in a machine. Not like in the UK where if you're detained - you get benefits towards your costs, they just told him "Tough". Perhaps that's what the "T" stood for.