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I am a 20 year old girl from Oz. I'm planning on travelling to NYC around the end of September or start of October 2004. I plan on being there for maybe a week and then moving on to explore more of the country. And I will probably be travelling on my own.

I'm looking for information about safe accomodation in nice areas. I don't want to spend heaps but I want to feel comfortable and safe.
Any tips on interesting places to go, that are maybe not the usual tourist areas?
Places to stay away from?
What will the weather be like at that time?
What about great things to do, keeping in mind I'll be alone?
What would be a realistic budget I could use as a guide?
And anything else you can think of...:)

Any general tips on travelling be appreciated, as this will be my first international trip.

Thanks, Katie.:)

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Hi Katie,
If this is the first time you are venturing out, I'd strongly suggest reading the latest edition of Lonely Planet New York City. Read it before you land there because there will be a _lot_ of information in the book. There are lots of hostels in NYC so relatively cheap accomodation won't be a problem I think. And I can assure you, you will find lots of your country mates doing the same thing - you can probably team up with one or 2 of them if you want to venture into relatively less safe places although New York has become a pretty safe place for a city of that size :)

Have fun on your first trip abroad!

- Roy

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As far as safe places in the city... NYC is seperated into 5 boroughs. I would suggest seeing Manhattan/Queens&Harlem... All those areas are pretty nice now... Harlem having really been built back up in the last 5 years or so. Anywhere you stay in Manhattan is going to be pretty safe. Harlem and Queens also being ok, but not as safe as Manhattan... That being said Manhattan is pretty expensive. I live out here so I don't know too much about hostels, Hotels run about 125us/night though for your standard not too fancy hotel. I'd suggest avoiding the bronx and Staten Island as those areas can be a bit shaky... especially after dark. The bronx zoo is nice, but just if you go around those places do it in the day.
Places to see.. Ellis Island, Central Park, Times Square, Bear Mountain (outside NYC), Empire States Building, wall street. I know most of these are the standard tourist places, but they are really the places to see in NYC.
Let me know when you are coming out if you want,, I could maybe take a day or two and show you around some.. or at least help you with transportation a bit as NYC can be tough.. the subways smell and the cabbies are crazy.

Hope this helped at least a little.. .send me a note and I'll come up with more info for here if you want.

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oh... almost forgot... Little Italy and China town are both interesting places to see.. and they are right next to eachother so if you get to one you can do both.. . They are pretty far downtown, but worth the trip.

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In December 2003 I stayed at the Carlton Arms Hotel, cheap and in a safe neighbourhood. It's not luxury at all and the rooms are not 100% clean but at least you save money for other activities in NYC! Have a nice trip!