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Hi guys!

I'm going to Vancouver for a year at the beginning of next year! I'm from England so I want to make the most of my trip and I'm thinking of going to California while I'm on that side of the world :P Butttt! where in California should i go!? (:

Thanksss :D

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I personally love Southern California especially LA. Long beach is about 1/2 hour away and Anaheim (where the Disney park is and California Adventures etc) is about 1/2 hour away too. I've never been to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour but I heard that is amazing. In LA there's the Hollywood Walk of Fame, J Paul Getty Museum, on the beach you can bike along the coast as well.

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Ah! That sounds awesome!
Thank you! :D

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My brother-in-law works at California Adventure and tells me the place is currently undergoing a major renovation at the current time, which should be complete within a month or two. He claims that it will be much more upscale and exciting and interesting than before (this was the only Disney Park not getting much in the way of crowds previously).

The best places to stay are either in east Long Beach (out near what is called the Belmont Shore area--2nd street near the beach and close to Long Beach's version of "Venice", or else farther south in Huntington Beach or Newport Beach. Avoid downtown Long Beach or anyplace just inland from there, as this is a major slum area (note: I grew up in Long Beach and so know the area extremely well). Another interesting site to visit in the LA area is in San Marino (near Pasadena) where there is a beautiful place called the Huntington Library and Gardens. The most interesting part is the 7 or so extremely large gardens on the site all in different motives (Japanese, Desert, Azalea, Southern Lilies, Rose, Botanical Gardens) , plus the one main house (skip the library unless you want to see one of the only three originally printed Gutenberg bibles still in existence).

Other great places in California exist outside of LA also, of course. Some of the better known places are the Carmel/Monterey area (including Pebble Beach and the 17 mile drive and the Monterey Aquarium and Cannery Row), the city of San Francisco--especially on the north side of town, the Lake Tahoe area (west and north side where the ski resorts mostly are is in California, while the east side of the lake is in Nevada and has the casinos), San Diego--has Mission Bay and Old San Diego and Shelter Island, and Santa Barbara area--which has State Street and great beaches--and then over the hill 60 miles away (1 hour away) is a Danish city called Solvang and lots of wineries surrounding the town called Los Olivos. There are also lots of redwood parks in both the north and eastern parts of the state.

One of my personal favorite things to do is to go to the Central Coast area (I now live near Santa Cruz, in the north of the state) near Paso Roblles and Cambria and visit the wineries there. It's about a 2 1/2 drive for me each way--and therefore an easy weekend thing to do.

Basically, the best beaches are in the LA and San Diego areas--and the most interesting things to visit (not counting museums and amusement parks) are outside of LA and San Diego.

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One other spot I should probably mention for a young woman visiting California is the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area. This area is in a desert approximately two hours east of Los Angeles and is a major "getaway" spot (along with Las Vegas, which is 4 1/2 hours from LA) for the jet-set Los Angelino crowd. Palm Springs/Palm Desert has lots of large pool/golf resorts which cater to those who want to soak up the sun during the day and visit the restaurants and dance spots at night. It is very popular during the spring and fall months--(winter being too cold (45 degrees Fareinheit), and summer way too hot--110 degrees F), while during the spring and summer it is almost always in the 80s during the days and in the 70s at night. There are also lots of spas at these resorts--and if you go to Palm Springs, there is a tram that takes you to the top of the nearby mountain (30 degrees difference in temperature between the bottom (floor) of the valley and the top of the mountain 8,000 feet (2,600 meters) higher up. Enjoy

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oh wow! Thank you very much! Palm Springs sounds very fun!

Im only thinking of going down for a couple of nights! Looks like I'm going to be busy (:

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Hey Tiffany,

I'm going to live in Vancouver for a year too!!

I'm doing a Trek America trip from NY-LA along the south coast then I'm going to head up to Vancouver afterwards. I've got a year's work visa.

(bloody terrified mind you!)

What you doing in Canada?

Holly :)

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Hi Holly!

Thats exciting! When are you planning on getting to Vancouver?

I know its really scary! but so exciting at the same time!!

I'm just going to be working and trying to travel as much as i can but i dont have a massive amount of funds behind me!

What about you?!

Tiff (:

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I should be getting to Vancouver around the 3rd week of October to the end of October. Just got to work out the cheapest way of getting up there from LA! lol.

I'm thinking of getting a job at a ski resort, looking into different bits and bobs at the moment.

I don't have a lot of money either, hoping to get a job to fund me and to (hopefully) save a little bit so I can get to Australia or something!

When are you going to Vancouver? Have you booked anything yet?

Holly :)

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Oh nice! if you fly to Seattle its SO much cheaper and its like a 3hour(ish) drive to Vancouver so a bus may be cheaper?

Ah i see! that sounds fun! im hoping to be over the middle of March (ages away i know, trying to save like a crazy lady!)

Do you know what your going to do about accommodation!? Im really worried about that!

No not yet, I'm with BUNAC if you've heard of them? but im just waiting to save the money for flights and then i'll book them! so maybe a month or two that will be done :D

Where are you from?

Tiff (: