Brasil 5-6 weeks, itineary suggestions please!!

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Any suggestion for an itineary? 6 weeks in Brasil and I mostly want to stay in the south (I mean, I am not going to the amzona). I am also looking more into bus rides than flights? I really need help.
Thank you

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Hey Catherine,

Well you've got lots of choice!

I would suggest a number of things.

Firstly everyone will say Iguacu falls, they are definately worth seeing, absolutely breathtaking.

I would highly reccomend you spend a couple of days in the Pantanal (the wetlands) for wildlife, and from there it's possible to go to Bonito and do some freshwater diving or snorkelling.

Paranagua train is sposed to be amazing too

Rio is worth at least two weeks, take time to see the Chilean steps in Lapa and enjoy some Brazillian style street paerties,
climb sugar loaf, see the Corcovado!, check out Ipanema and copacabana beaches... Get yourself a Brazillian manicure for next to nothing.

Hope thats a start!


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My wife and I spent 4 days at the Aquario hostel on the island of Ilha Grande back in early Feb. Beautiful Atlantic rainforest, great beaches e.g Lopes Mendes and nice hikes throught the island.
You get a bus from Rio to Angra dos Reis to catch the boat over.


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There is loads to do in that time! I did a massive loop in the south, without the Amazon, so mebbe you may want to do something similar.

I started off from ASUNCION in paraguay.
First stop was CAMPO GRANDE to see the PANTANAL. This is Highly recommended and is really impressvie. Loads of wildlife to see and an amazing experience. You need to take a tour with Ecological expeditions (I went with their rivals Pantanal adventure, and they were rubbish, but I have only heard good reviews of ecological expeditions)

After the Pantanal i went to Brazilia for a couple of days, boring unless you like town planning and weird architecture. But there is the chapada dos veiadeiros just to the north whch is meant to be really good.

From Brazilia I went on to the Chapada Diamantina. This was excellent. I did the Cachoeira da Fumaca walk, a 3 day treck, and it was fantastic. One of the highlights of my trip. I could have stayed there forever!!

I then spent a few days in Salvador da Bahia. I am sure there is loads to say. Candomble ceremonies, music, dancing, capoeira etc... loads to do!

Following this i went to Boipeba island. Paradise on earth, stunning, too beautiful to be true, all the best beach paradise postcards in the world do not do this place justice.

I then tried to go whale watching in caravelas but this was called off due to bad weather. apparently this happens about once a year. The whale watching is some of the best in the country.

Following this i went to Ouro Preto, very diffent, full of charm, and from where i visited neighboring Mariana with its impressive gold and topaz mines.

Sao Joao del Rei was my next stop, steam engine journey to pitturesque Tiradentes and a nice adventure trip into the mountains. Refreshing, fun safe and diffrent.

From Sao Joao I then went to Rio. There is loads to do there and you can easily get side tracked. A week would be good, a month better. Play it by ear!

Leave time for Iguazu falls though, they really are the crown jewels of the country.

I also went and took the train from Curitiba to paranagua. It was the dead of winter and i could not see much from the train through the clouds but the occasional glimpses of gorges etc were amazing.

PM me if you want more info on any places.

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All the suggestions are really good. I just wouldn't save two weaks for Rio. There's much more to see.

If you want to keep south, don't forget to visit São Paulo. It's not as scenic as Rio, but it's the largest city in South America (some people say in all of Americas, but I think it's a bit smaller than Mexico City).

It would be nice to go from São Paulo to Rio (or the opposite) by the coast, following Rio-Santos road. It's pretty scenic, even though it's a rather narrow road. If you do that, don't forget to stop in Ilhabela and Paraty.

Close to Rio, there is the "Serra Fluminense" - Rio State Mountains. There you will find three very nice cities - Teresópolis, Petrópolis and Nova Friburgo. Take a look at these sites:

If you decide you won't keep just to the south, consider going to the country's northeast region. There you will find beautifull beaches and a fantastic people. Salvador, Maceió or Fortaleza would be great choices.

There's much more to see. Take a look at these sites and I'm sure you'll find something interesting.

By the way, I live in Brasilia.

Not that boring ;)!

Emerson P. Olinda
Brasilia - Brazil

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Hi everybody
My advice ... Ilha Grande.
take a look at or something like that
Its an amazing island ... without words.

From Rio do Janeiro by bus to Angra do Reis, and after that by ship to the island.

take my advice.


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Ilha Boipeba!! It depends on what you want really I suppose, Boipeba is quiet, off the beaten track and totally heavenly. No late night parties or night clubs, but boy are the beaches long, breath taking, deserted and never ending...