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1. Posted by Melorious (Budding Member 22 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Okay I have saved for a very long time and thought, what the hell you only live one and this is something that I have always wanted to do. i have a list of countries i want to visit and wanted to know how far 10 grand would take me.

I have included the list in a rough chronology of when they would feature and I have also given them the number of days I would likely be staying there.

Transport wise its an any means sort of thing, cheapest flights or boat where there are no borders but for most forms of getting around it others will be using rail passes and coaches etc. I would only be taking hand luggage, im not lugging around a larger suit case.

I would be staying in the base end sort of places, hostels and camp sites etc in some less developped countries this might be a slightly higher end, but only to the point of having a private room.

where possible food and drink wise I would be preparing my own food with supermarket, markets or equivelents to try and keep costs down, so basically a self made sandwich diet most of the time.

so these are the destinations and the days we'd be there, the days indicate the level of travel that would be done within that country.

Peru 6 - USA 30 – Canada 4 – USA 2 – Australia 15 – Papua New Guinea 2 – Indonesia 7 – Philippines 5 – Vietnam 5 – Laos 5 – Thailand 5 – Malaysia 4 – Sri Lanka 5 – India 11 – Bangladesh 7 – India 4 – Nepal 7 – China 8 – Japan 5 – China 2 – Russia 2 - Mongolia 2 - Russia 6 – Finland 3 – Sweden 3 – Norway 3 – Sweden 1 – Denmark 2 – Germany 2 – Netherlands 3 – Belgium 2 – Luxemburg 1 – Germany 1 – Austria 4 – Lichtenstein 1 – Switzerland 5 – Italy 10 – Greece 7 – Turkey 2.

other factors
there will be four of us with 10,000 each
we will be using the transiberian railways from bejing to moscow 2nd class (£800 approx each)
we will be hiking the inca trail for 4 days (£500 each)
Bungji (spelt wrong) jumping off the grand canyon (£200 each)
travel would start in late August and finish early march time.
where possible, especially in more developped countries we will try our luck at getting locals/students to put us up for the night for like a fiver each to keep costs down.

so at about what point do you think we would run out of money?

I have done a bit of travelling before now and by my estimations ill wager 7,000 should just about do this,

2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1877 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Why 30 days (plus 2) in USA? That will be one of the most expensive places.

Thailand you could easily add on an extra week, even two for little extra cost. You get 30 days visa free and a selection of nice beaches there with guaranteed sunshine.

India is even cheaper and lots and lots to see there. I had two seven week holidays and travelled and travelled.

Indonesia is mostly cheap too, with a fair bit to see.

Turkey has quite a bit of history. I'd give that a few more days and take some tours.

Sweden, Norway and Finland has very cold winters (lots of snow and ice). Russia and Mongolia can be very cold at times, in places.

You need to change the list around some. A flight from the UK to Peru is expensive. Not so bad going to the US but a flight then to Australia will be expensive (no New Zealand?).

I would book a Round The World ticket. Pick up the Daily Mail Saturday or Sunday and look through their travel section as well as search online for RTW prices. The only real rule is that you must fly in one direction. You can have overland sections and side trips can be booked separately.

Fly to say New York then overland section where you can travel around America and Canada, and then maybe Los Angeles, pick up a flight to Peru. Lima is worth a look around. From Peru a flight Down Under where you could arrive in one part of Austral;ia, overland to another part and fly out from there to maybe Jakarta. Then a flight to Philippines, Japan, across to China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka (a short side trip while down south), Russia then Europe.

Next summer when it warms up some, you can pick up a cheap Ryanair flights to Helsinki and Malmo and Oslo.

Your biggest cost will be travel.

hostelbookers, hostelworld and the like has cheap accommodation. You could also try "couch surfing"

Do check on visas. No visa where required, no entry.

I don't know how you are carrying money. Look at this site:


3. Posted by alan84 (Full Member 134 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

i would just cut it down to mayb like 3 countries.that way u dont have to think i got this long left gotta be at airport at this time and so on.u can relax more and 10 grand is alot if you be smart u might not have to work much.just what i think im gonna do thailand aus and new zealand i think just trying to keep it simple:)

4. Posted by Melorious (Budding Member 22 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

well planning on america for so long mostly because one of the other people really wanting to do an indepth tour, which honestly I'd like to do as well if not quite to the same extent, the additional two days after canada is in LA while waiting for last minute tickets to Australia. originally New Zealand was in and might be still but it was omitted because as much as we'd love to see it we would rather put funding into other areas.

I know it is a mammoth of a task, and there will be cases where we are thinking, gotta be here by then, and gotta be there by then etc though where possible we are going to sort of play it semi aluff and only have certain "must be there by's" when we have to book it a while in advance.
flights i think will be the greatest expendature. there are rail passes and things for america and europe which are a one off payment and then we can hop around as much as we want, and to an extent these can count as accomodation.

i found somewhere that the time in which we would be flying to australia it would be about 450, and about the same for peru which is not cheap i know and some swapping around would be good. initially for example we were going to go to america and then to peru, but a return to america proved more expensive than a one way from the uk and we have a time limit on the rail pass in america which means we would waste time to take a week out in peru. though america - peru - Oz/Nz might be an option though

visa's and things are a little bit of a worry in that in some cases they require a visa at a certain border and a certain day, which makes them difficult when you're waiting on a last minute flight.

that prepaid card was a great link btw cheers

the thing is there is a lot of things in the world that we want to see, plus we love the idea of being able to sort of say "we did that", chilling in three countries isn't really what we're looking for.

5. Posted by alan84 (Full Member 134 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Faireplay for going for it mate will be good where ever u go. just be smart happy travelling !!!

6. Posted by jeanie99 (Full Member 165 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Transport will cost quite a bit and don't forget to check out

Visa costs, you will need to know where you can purchase these when you are traveling

Medical insurance

You made need Malaria tablets

There is always lots of hidden cost when you travel.

Check out the best credit cards and current accounts it's surprising how much you can save with the right account. take back up cards, we have just got back from the Caribbean and both our credit cards stopped working on the same day fortunately I had back ups with us.
Use a money belt.
If you do any banking online make sure you have a secure line, on our 12 month trip I used the business section in good hotels, you don't need to be staying there.
Also in the US Canada OZ and NZ the libraries allow free Internet use of 30 minutes to an hr.
Best of luck

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8. Posted by Melorious (Budding Member 22 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

ah good tip on the libraries.
yeah there is a hell of a lot that i need to pay for and hidden costs get riper the bigger the trek. does anyone kow of cheap way to fly?

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