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1. Posted by DeidreB (Budding Member 5 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

hi all, am currently trying to put together a cheap trip around eastern europe, and basically have no real idea what to see so any suggestions would be welcome. also if anyone could tell me the general cost of things. also any information about the train system would be helpful. a lot to ask i know.


2. Posted by nickla (Respected Member 223 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi, how long are you planning on going for? I spent a month in eastern europe last summer. In total, with flights from london, accomm and train tickets i spent around £600 i think. generally it is really cheap over there, especially compared with the UK. In terms of where to go i would recommend the followinf

Prague, Warsaw ( not as good as many of the guidebooks make out but worth a visit) Krakow ( absolutely beautiful in the south of poland, with salt mines and auschwitsch), Budapest for me was the highlight of my trip there is loads to do and see.

Personally i was not a big fan of romania, went to braosv (draculas castle, transylvannian mountains) and Bucharest which was the biggest disappoiontment of the entire trip - not a lot to do, lots of wild dogs and no postcards. Others may disagree, just my opinio.

Croatia is also beautiful, esp on the coast, the sea is just so blue. if you do go make sure to go on a boat ride out to some on the islands, it is worth the money. Ljubjlana is also nice, though fairly small and compact for a capital city.

Prague is a must, though it has become more commercialised in the last couple of years, the architecture is amazing and something that i believe everyone should see. A little gem in the south of the Czech republic is Cesky Krumlov. About 3 hours away from Prague by train it is a really small, quaint town that is picturesque. You could spend hours wandering around its small side streets going in all of the souvenir shops. You wouldnt need more than a couple of days here, but is well worth it if u have the time

I also wasnt overly impressed with Vienna, found that i had quite a bit of spare time on my hands there as didnt find all tht much to do.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts of the places i have been, others may have different ideas. if you do have any questions on any of the above just let me know.

Oh and with the trains, i would say that it is cheaper to buy tickets point to point rather than buying a pass. Tickets can be very cheap indeed and generally fairly flexible. A good guidebook and phrasebook are a must though as i found that not many people spoke english!

Hope this has given u some idea.


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I was in eastern Europe last summer with a friend and really liked it there. All the countries we visited were pretty cheap and easy to get aroud at least with trains.

Warsow was nice and hostel was about 10 euros per night, but I've also heard that Krakow is even better (and cheaper) so recommend those both. If you're interested in WW2 then Poland is the place for you, cause there's so many museums and sight about the war.

Budapest and Prague were great especially if you like the night life. There's actually a nice-little-five-story-night-club in Prague that we can recommend. The hostels were little over 10 euros per night.

I have to disagree with Nickla about Romania. Though we had some problems in Bucharest train station were we had to pay for "tickets" to "police" just to get inside the train station. But first off all this country is really cheap, cabs and food didn't really cost anything. In Brasov, the Draculas castles weren't so bad and I really loved the scenery there! Theres actually this 1000 metres high mountain just beside Brasov, that you can climb, and from there the view is absolutely amazing.

Anyway, welcome to Europe!

-- Raul

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The only part of Eastern Europe that I was in was the Czech Republic. I traveled around on a bicycle with my mother for a few weeks, and spent quite a bit of time cycling up to Prague.
All throughout our trip, my all-time favourite place was Cesky Krumlov. It's like a mini-Prague, and there are quite a bit of tourists (or at least in the summer), but im not sure about the winter.
As many people have probably told you, Eastern Europe is incredibly cheap, and the people are very hospitable.
Hope this helps a bit!

5. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I'm not going to go into E Euro as a whole as there's so much to see and do there. However i will say regarding Bucharest, it is definitely not a big tourist orientated place. Romania as a country is absolutely wonderful - Along with Bulgaria probably the cheapest in Europe, stunning country and great people.

However, Bucharest is very different. Most people on tour visit the main cities expecting them to be the most stunning and highlights of the country, and in Bucharest's case it definitely isn't. Having said that, it is a very real city - possibly with Naples the most real life city in Europe - and i find it utterly intoxicating, and would highly recomend it. If your looking for stunning architecture and tourist friendly it's not the place, but as somewhere that is very much lived in and not "fake" in the way that large chunks of Prague/Budapest/Krakow etc are, it's definitely worth it.

Just be warned that if you've never been much to, urm, less wealthy/touristy places, it can be a heck of a shock at first. Last time i was there with a canadian and it was her first E Euro visit, and only second place after Budapest, and i couldn't stop myself laughing at the look on her face and some of things she said!!