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I'm Stephanie from Canada. One of my biggest dreams is to travel EVERYWHERE in the world- not neglecting my own country, though, as I have yet to see it from east to west. That is but one trip I want to take, among so many . .. . So far I have been to Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, the USA and parts of Canada. I have lived and studied abroad and even worked at a beautiful isolated mountain resort in Canada for a few months. I would love to share my experiences with you, and hear all about yours, too. Or if you have any questions about travel you want to ask me, feel free to do so. I'll do my best to answer them.
There are several reasons why I think travel is so necessary. First of all, travelling to the country your grandparents are from helps you understand your roots, which are so much a part of who we are. I am from a German-Canadian background, and living in Germany for six months helped me understand my parents and grandparents so much more. It was like coming to a second home for me, filled with familiar things that I had known growing up with German influences around me and unfamiliar but (mostly) welcome surprises also. It was indeed a wholesome and moving experience.
Being Canadian, I love the multiculturalism my country embraces and learning about other people and their cultures. That is one reason why I think everyone should travel- it gives one a perspective and appreciation for people unlike oneself. It opens the mind. If you have never travelled- I encourage you to do it. Even if worst-case scenarios happen, I have not yet met one person who regretted getting out of their backyard and exploring the world around them. The pros far outweigh the cons in my mind. The world is filled with too much possibility and beauty to be shunned because of fear. Besides that, you only live once, so sieze the day and the opportunity, especially if that involves travel. Nothing teaches better than the experieces we have in our lives. Travel teaches so many of those practical lessons, I think. It stretches a person and causes that person to grow in ways that sitting still could never accomplish. ... .
okay, enough of that "sermon." .. . If you haven't caught my drift, then ... drift a little.... ;)

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Ah, and your thoughts are among the reasons why this website was started.... thanks for sharing that, it is always nice to know that there are so many others out there thinking the same way!

Canada, one of my dream destinations. One of my good friends is from Lethridge so Canada is still on my list of destinations to travel extensively while visiting a friend in the (hopefully) not too near future :)

Hope to see you around some more on the site!


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Hi Steph,

yeh I catch your drift - the world is a beautiful place - I have been to France (loads of times), USA, Holland, Turkey, Greece mainland, Kos, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Ireland and all round Britain. I still believe though that there are loads of places I can travel to and in more depth. Canada is one place I'd love to visit out of many including South America, South Africa, Spain, India and New Zealand. I have to say South America is my favourite choice at the moment, I like anything Spanish - the food, the wine, the latin beat and their way of life, yet haven't experienced it yet I would like to see Canada but I am not including it on my destination list for my RTW trip at the moment - as I believe it is more expensive than that of South America and Asia etc. etc. and so therefore would rather save up a big wad of dosh and go it another time on a separate trip :) I would love to paint the scenery, take photos of it, and trek through alot of the country, also eat , drink and party there!! There will be a time for me, however it is not yet. Anyway I am glad you think really positively about the world, as you say it is easy to get carried away with the fear of 'should the worst happen' and not go travelling and so it is good to hear something as positive as what you have said. I don't know when you plan on travelling again but some time in the near future I plan on doing India, South America, NZ, OZ and Asia - if you are around those areas next year maybe give us a shout if not then happy travelling!!


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How could I forget - I have been to Barbados and Dominican Republic aswell - Barbados was my fave carribean island - just over did it on the local rum there at the time But was told by the locals that coconut milk was the ultimate hangover cure!!! Which I believe after purchasing a couple of cocunuts - it was proved to be