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Hi am planning to travel to singy then New zealand then Melbourne to Cairns (time permitting)I have a good rucksack what i use for hiking in the UK but is to small for the above trip.Do you think i would get away with a large hold all which also has shoulder straps and wheels as i think i will only be lugging it across town to get to train or bus station etc, or do you think i need an 80 litre rucka ? any thoughts would be appreciated,

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Hold-alls become a pain when you are tired, getting off planes and having to pick them up,put them down all the time. Get a good rucksack with a compartment you can take off and use as hand luggage is my advice.

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Wheels are good on smooth surfaces

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I've done the backpack thing and I have to admit it is great if you're on a pick-up and go trip. If you're in one city for a few weeks at a time, or just doing one city, a suitcase is the way to go. One problem with backpacks is that if they get too heavy they can really hurt your shoulders. Ok, this is gross, but I'll say it anyways, I popped some blood vessels on a few occasions on my shoulders because my bag was too heavy. It was not great to look at when at the beach. Just make sure the bigger pack fits properly and you're golden! When you buy it, ask the retailer if they have a return policy. Take it home, pack it with all the things you would take on a trip....or at least things that weigh the same...and walk around your house. If you're really daring, walk around your neighbourhood. Get a feel for it...if it doesn't bother your back, shoulders, etc, then keep it. If it does, go back to the shop and see if you can find something that works better for your body type.

Good luck!

Katie ;)