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Hi All, I'm looking at leaving Santiago Chile at the end of July 2012 and traveling South America to Central America.

Fly -Chile to Uruguay staying 4 days

Bus - Uruguay to Paraguay staying 4 days

Bus - Paraguay to Bolivia staying 4 days

Fly - Bolivia to Peru staying 5 days

Bus - Peru to Ecuador staying 4 days

Bus -Ecuador to Colombia staying 4 days

Fly - Colombia to Costa Rica staying 4 days

After I leave Costa Rica I will be taking buses to get into Honduras, There will be 2 of us, 1 Honduran and 1 American, we are going to plan on 6-8 weeks for the whole trip.


Is this enough time to see a lot? We are on a budget.

Should I spend more or less time in any of these countries?

What country is the dangerous?

Should we consider more Flights than Buses?

Can we do this for less than $4,000 US not including Bus and Flights?

Any recommendations on how to handle Credit Cards and Cash? I do not want to have a lot of US Dollars on us.

Thank you for any and all help!

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The later you book flights, the more they will cost. Obviously flights will save you endless hours on buses, but they ar a lot more expensive so what your budget allows.

I quite liked Uruguay but not a lot there. It's only a tiny country. Not that much in Costa Rica.

I would definitely spend more time in Peru. There's Lima, Cusco (with a number of side trips like Sacred Valley, Saqsaywaman, etc), Machu Picchu, Nazca and other places.

Colombia is potentially dangerous though nowhere near as bad as it was. There has been some recent accounts of Ecuadorians taking the law into their own hands and stringing up thieves. Honduras used to be bad but now it is just a bit primitive.

Lots of petty theft about in Central and South America so be careful of your money and possessions. Divide your money up so if worse comes to worse they don't get it all, get a money belt, sew a button on your pockets, whatever.

Hostelbookers is quite good on cheap but good rooms. Hostelworld on cheap but so-so rooms.

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Thank you!