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Joining Arabic studies 1 month beginning late August

Travel Forums Africa and The Middle East Joining Arabic studies 1 month beginning late August

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Hello! I'm Fredrik, a recently graduated Swedish medical student living in Stockholm. I'm trying to set up ONE MONTH of Arabic studies, colloquial and MSA, beginning late August 2012.
The timing is a bit bad, many intensive courses run earlier during the summer. I'm in contact with Centre for Jerusalem studies, in eastern Jerusalem, where I took a 4 week course two years ago. I thought it very good, but the only thing they can offer during this period is private lessons. Therefore I'm looking for other people who might want to join to make a small group.
Also interested in doing the same somewhere in the West Bank, but haven't found any courses yet.

My Arabic is quite basic, I've spent a total of 2 months in the middle east, done the 4 week course back in 2010, done part time courses in Sweden in colloquial Arabic. I can read slowly, have a basic vocabulary, mostly from Syrian Colloquial Arabic course -snip- and my pronounciation is good.

My reasons for studying is a great passion for languages, that it's a quite common language in Sweden (middle eastern/levantine) that I run into almost every week in Stockholm, both at work and in daily life, and also an interest for the general situation in the Middle East.

So if you're interested in creating a small group, let me know! Also if you know any other courses that may be suitable I would be very thankfull for any info!


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