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Hey :)

I am looking to Travel to Thailand in Sept-October and was looking for a travel buddy to go with! I would like to go to travel around for about a month as I have to come back to my job and can only take a month off. I am really easy going, but super fun and am looking to have an amazing time with hopefully a new friend! I am literally freaking out that I may be doing this alone but if some kind, young fun loving girl wants to join me, that would be A-Mazing!!

Hope to hear from you!

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September and October I would expect wet weather in Thailand. It may not rain that often (though it can for days with flooding) but when it does rain, it comes down very heavy.

Last year there were rains which caused flooding even in November, which is unusual.

December to January is far better. You can be on the beach when it's freezing cold back home.

You get 30 days visa free on arrival which includes the day you arrive and the day you leave. A short flight out (AirAsia) and back and you get another 30 days. Most of the expense is getting there, it being very cheap to live there, so people do tend to stay a long time if they can.

There are some 100,000 British people go to Thailand each month in the November to May season, as well as many, many tourists from elsewhere. You should have no trouble meeting other tourists, as many as you want since many, many singles go out there. Even maybe someone on the way out if you wait for a young woman on her own in the queue for the same flight and get chatting to her, so sit next to her.

You should book your flight quite early and don't leave your accommodation late. I have already booked both for December.

Flights try kayak, accommodation try hostelbookers or asiarooms. HB has lots of good hotels going cheap as well as hostels. Flights you can save money by not going direct (as in spending a few hours in transit in an airport) or even by changing a few days either way.

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I will be there at the same time, will go to chang mai area first and then ko samet. It is not my first choice of islands/beaches, but the weather should be good and it is still a great i read, I have only been to the krabi, raley, ko phi phi areas myself - which are fabulous! -snip-

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Hi Ruth,

My original plan was to head for Thailand early sept celebrate my 23rd at Septs full moon party and then chill before heading north as I am travelling Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia then back to Thailand to see all of the south, I might be going to Austalia first now but its only a maybe, I'm leaving my job next month so have no timescales so just going with what ever is easiest. I'm from Bristol and also going alone, Have you made any plans yet?


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i was there in Thailand lat october,and had a great time with my wife.
You can take clues from my travel logfor more information

feel free to aks for details

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Hi All,

My name is Tarun and working in London, I am also planning to travel around mid aug/oct in Thailand, but i am bit worried about the last year flood? hope it will not pour so much this time else it will spoil the whole trip.
Any one been before Thailand during the rainy reason?