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I'll be in Singapore for 3 weeks and trying to plan out trips to some neighboring places. Mainly interested in "soft adventure" .. "trekking/hikes/photography... and need tips for possible destinations. Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are the countries in my list. I found a hike to Mt. Kinabalu or Mt. Rinjani or Mt. Bromo .. but want to see more options.

(1) Anyone travelling to these places in March who i can sync up with? Since I am travelling alone, a travel partner will be nice to have.

(2) Any tips for other "soft adventure" destinations in this area?

(3) Any tips on how to make reservations, bookings at these places?

(4) Anyone with prior experience in these places .. please share your experiences when you have time?

I am tentatively planning on two trips .. March 14-18 and March 21-25.


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unfortunately we have are just about to finish what you about to start, singapore is pretty straight things can be booked on the internet, we booked our first 2 nights there a couple of days before we left the UK, then spend a couple of days looking for a better value for money accommodation arrangment and places to eat.

Malaysia i have some knowledge, borneo - east malaysia is a very cool place. Things are more advanced than we in the west think they are, its highly unlikely you will get riped off in malaysia, an example when you get to the airport in kota kinabula you get a standard taxi token from the taxi counter in the airport for RM13.50 which is about $3.50. its not a custom to tip people like waiters, etc. Mount Kinabalu, we climbed it! challenging... you need to book the accommondation for staying at the park in the sutera office in KK these guys are the guys that run the national parks basically across sabah. if they tell you the RM12 a night hostels are being refurbished and you cant stay there - its a lie YOU DEFINITELY CAN! tell them you'll sort it out yourself when you get there.

Dont worry about travelling alone many people do it, and probably have more fun than you can imagine due to flexibility, surprisingly i have met so many girls travelling on their own. you will definitely find people to do things with, without trying if you want too.

Take it easy ;)

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Whatever you do , don't waste time going to Malacca. WE were drawn in by a totally inaccurate Lonely P description promising amazing Portuguese architecture and in fact the whole place is like going to the Isle of Wight in the UK - a very tacky tourist hellhole!

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well, for your problems, I think Philippines is a good place to go to. There are many tourist spots and scenic spots in here. Do you know the famous BORACAY IN HERE? Tourists and Foreigners love to visit Philippines because of BORACAY.And I hope that you will love it too. Not just boracay. There are still many places to go here in the Philippines.HUNDRED ISLANDS,BAGUIO CITY, TAGAYTAY CITY, And many more!!!!!!!!!

Lose yourself among the Hundred Islands, scattered like emeralds in the deep blue waters off Pangasinan. Unexplored coves and islets await seekers of solitude. Each one in its own pristine beauty basks in the sun, lapped by the waters of Lingayen Gulf. I hope I solved your problems......ENJOY YOUR VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!