thai visa... i'll be leaving and re-entering a lot in 6mths

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hi guys. i have a 12 month return ticket to bangkok from where i plan to travel through thailand, malaysia, laos, cambodia and vietnam. i will be in se asia for about 6-8 months and in that time reckon i will leave and re-enter thailand about three or four times, eg thailand to cambodia and back, thailand to malaysia and back, maybe thailand to laos and back.

what visa do i need? will i get a 30 day one upon arrival even though my return flight is booked for 6 months after i arrive, and i have no other flight booked? or do i need a 60 day one? or.....?

is there such thing as a multiple entry visa for thailand? if not can i leave to go to cambodia, or laos or malaysia overland ( or all three at different times!)then come back and get a 30 day thai visa at the border? is there a limit to how many times you can leave and re-enter thailand overland? i have looked on the thai embassy website but its very confusing. i will obviously have a return flight from bangkok to get home home, but no other flights will be booked as i plan to travel overland. i will also have plenty of money in the bank.

if anyone can help me out here that would be great, thanks, joey

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you can apply for 2 month visa from the thai embassy in the UK - (some 25 pounds) - as well as from thai embassies in Malaysia, Kambodia or Laos.

You will always get 30 days on the border.

There are multiple visas to Thailand - but you have to pay for them in advance. Not practical if you don't know how many times you are going to enter Thailand and if you are going to stay there less than 30 days.

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As a UK citizen you will get you 30 days visa for free - just clarify it with the consulate as they have recently changed some visa requirements for some countries.


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When I entered thailand I didn't get asked for an onward flight ticket and of the people I met I don't think anyone else did either. customs were far more official when I was leaving the country than they were when I was going in.

If the worst came to the worst and you did get asked then you could always buy a cheap 'budget' flight ticket and not use it. Or alternatively I met someone in Rarotonga who needed an onward ticket to get into Rarotonga so he bought a refundable ticket to Frankfurt and then got a refund once he was through customs.

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Just whatever you do, do NOT do the illegal visa renewals with your passport. These were very popular a few years ago when I was in Thailand ... and sometimes even people who think they are getting a legitimate visa extension are just getting their passport sent on a boat down to Malaysia for a renewal. The thai gov't has started cracking down on this, and a friend who lives there told me that for a while, everyone who had these stamps in their passports were being booted out of the country. Much, much, much better to get a legitimate extension if you need, or just leave the country and come back.