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Just a couple of quick questions. Is there much to do around the Adelaide area and is it easy to get a job and worth staying for a while? My friend and I are getting there about May time and are wondering how long we should give ourselves there. Also, is it worth getting a camper/car and driving between Adelaide and Perth - is there a lot to see in between. We want to see as much as possible in our year here, but if there is not much to see it's a long drive for nowt!!!

Thanks for any input!! Having wicked time at the moment and want the adventures to keep on rolling!


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Between Perth & Adelaide is the Nullarbour Plain, literally meaning no trees. It is a straight stretch of land (I think it holds the record for the straighest stretch of railway line). There are roadhouses punctuated along the way but if you're after big cities or towns, after the gold-mining town of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia there is very little like that. It really depends what you're into and if you'd enjoy that sort of isolation!


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Quoting vicki80

"...Just a couple of quick questions. Is there much to do around the Adelaide area...."

I had a work colleague last year from Adelaide. When he introduced himself, he said he was from "Nanna-laide".

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I wouldn't hang around Adelaide too long if I was you as it's a fairly quiet place for how big it is. I was there a week and a half and that was probably too long.

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I actually live in Adelaide and as a local I dont seem to think that there is that much to do here, but that might be because of the fact that ive seen everything and its just boring now.

However, i highly recommend travelling to Kangaroo Island which is located south of Adelaide. You can catch a ferry over to the island, which takes about 1-2 hours depending on weather, plus a 1.5 hour drive from Adelaide to get to the ferry. There is plently to see there, expecially if you like nature, but if not its probably not for you. It is home to some of the Australia's most beautiful beaches, although some of them are quite dangerous, and many amazing rock formations and you must visit the Little Sahara.

Also, if you come to Adelaide, you must visit the wine region of the Barossa Valley, which is about 1.5 hours north of Adelaide. The vineyards are amazing. You might even drink some of the wine from here at home:)

If you are looking for some peace and quite from the other busy capitals of Australia though, Adelaide is a great place for that, and as a tourist there are probably more things to do than i think.

As far as jobs are concerned, there are plenty of vacancies in fruit picking areas, such as the Barossa Valley, but the work is hard and if doing it in summer, you are looking at temperatures well over 35-40 degrees celcius, which is close to if not over 100 degrees farenheit is suppose?.

Where else are you planning to go in Australia??

Hope that this helps.


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hey viki80,

I went to Oz last year for 2 weeks only to visit my dad who lives in Adalaide. After the 1st week i guess i'd seen everything i wanted to. I thought the city was very quiet and the bars/pubs was very scatterd around (or maybe i just dident find em ). I am also going again in a month or so but this time for only a week.

hope this helps

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of all the east and south coast cities, adelaide was our favorite.several times i found myself saying that i could live there.

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I also live in Adelaide and i am currently on my world trip.

For going out you need to know the good places to go!! Also what places are good on what particular days etc.

I wouldn't want to live anywhere else because it is home! It is quiter than Sydney and Melbourne but there are things to do!!

Also, it is alot cheaper to live in Adelaide than some other cities as well which is a good thing!

(I am on a budget holiday!!)

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Thanks for all the help guys! I think we are going to go for about a week. Got in contact with a friend of a friend who is willing to put us up for a while which always helps! Kangeroo Island definately sounds a good time, and the Wine region will definately be visited!
In Adelaide itself are there any pubs/clubs people would recommend. We don't really like dance/trance sort of music, preferring more rock and cheese (ya know, classic 80s really bad pop!), so if there are any places that do either live bands or that sort of music would be helpful to know!