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1. Posted by joey22 (Respected Member 561 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

if you had six to eight months in south east asia where would you go and why? joey

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start from Thailand and visit each country around. You have more than enought time to see everything. I would include Hong Kong for a week.

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Most definitely spend a few weeks in Vietnam. It has something for everyone. The beaches of Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City with all it has to offer in the way of nightlife, shopping, vietnam war sites and a bit more. Then you have Hoi An and Hue. Then have a week up north doing a couple of days in Hanoi, a couple in Halong Bay and a couple of days trekking around Sapa. Thailand is certainly the place to start, maybe going on to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in that order. It's a well worn track,but with good reason.

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You have enough time to see a huge amount of asia.. thailand is an awsome choice for a few weeks, all the islands are worth a look.. i was in koh chang for two weeks had a great time.. am in chaing mai at the moment really nice place dont miss it out if you here...

cambodia is good for bout two weeks of your time, siem riep and the temples of angkor is really time and money well spent..

vietnam is stunning, from saigon all the way up the east coast to hanoi there are some lovely spots.. mui ne, nha trang, hue, hoi an all very nice

laos is good if you want some chill out time, go back a gear and enjoy life in the slow lane.. vang vieng, excellant stop for just taking it easy.. tube down the river for three hours with an ice cold beer lao in your palm, or go kayaking or caving.. laung prabang is great

lastly indoneasia, bali is good for a few piss ups and some days lying on the beach, but if you out that way get yourself across to lombok and go to the gili islands, three small islands off the northeast coast. no cars or motobikes.. perfect beaches and superb diving and snorkelling.. look them up on the net do yourself a favour..

why do i know all this? cos ive just done it all.. been in asia just over 3 months been to thailand, indoneasia, cambodia, vietnam and laos. had a great time but money has run out and ill be leaving soon.

hope this helps have a good trip!!!

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Depends what you want to do.......I just returned from 4 months. We jumped around alot depending on weather and what we felt like doing that week. It is SUPER easy to get around, for the most part, if you are willing to do some overnighters.

If you want to scuba dive, I recommend the Perhentian Islands of the northeast coast of Malaysia. Awesome diving, gorgeous beaches, a very affordable. Koh Tao in Thailand is much more the official diving scene, though teh Perhentians have high quality instructors, smaller classes and less of a scene. Depends what you are into.

I'd recommend Malaysia Borneo, for activities like hiking, diving, caving and there is the coolest 3 day Jungle Safari in Sabah (the norther Malaysian state in Borneo). If you go, do your trek with Uncle Tan, its in the guidebooks.

Another favorite was Krabi, Thailand. Super chill, a little party vibe, and some hiking and rock climbing options if you are into it. Not sure what its like there now after the Tsunami.

Like the other posts, I would recommend Vietnam. It's very traveled and easy to get around, though not really adventurous in anyway. I've heard bad reports on some of the Mekong Delta tours, but we had a blast on ours. It was a 3 day trip, very interesting and fun, we got to experience real Vietnam towns and travled on mostly boats instead of buses. This trip was a great way to get to Cambodia, so we didn't have to backtrack back to Saigon. In fact, for $30US pp, we left Saigon, did the tour of the delta for 3 days and ended up in Phenom Peng. Very worth it!

If I had to do it all again, I would explore more of Cambodia. It is gorgeous, and our week there was great. We had no safety issues at all, and I would love to get off the beaten track of Siem Reap and PP to see more of the country.

I could go on and on, but these are my highlights of 4 months in SE Asia.

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thanks for the info guys! i have one more question... i have a 12 month return to thailand and am struggling to figure out the visa situation. i will be leaving and re-entering thailand overland and also by plane (back from china) a few times over six/eight months (however long my money and stamina last) and dont know what type of visa i need to get. will they give me a 30 day visa at the airport, and then can i just keep getting the 30 day visa again and again each time i turn up at the thai border? i reckon i'll probably re-enter thailand at least three times over at least six months. what visas did you guys (particularly the british guys) get? 30 days on arrival in thailand? or is there a multiple entry visa? i'm assuming you would have had to leave and re-enter thailand a few times over three or four months? do they just keep on giving you those stamps indefinitely, cos ive heard of border runs etc. i dont want to end up stranded in laos or cambodia and not be allowed to enter thaialnd or anything stupid cos my flight home at the end of the trip is from bangkok!!

cheers, joey

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I have a couple of British friends who've been living there almost 2 years who still do the visa run thing and haven't had any problems. You might get a few strange looks if you literally pop out of the coutry for an hourl, but if your gone a weekend, they don't seem to care and will keep giving you new visa's (unless of course you get kicked out etc for doing something against the terms of the visa)

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cheers gelli. so even though my return date from bangkok is such a long time after i land (at the moment its set for eight months later!) will i have no probs getting a thirty day visa on arrival at airport in bangkok?

i basically want to go into thailand, spend a few weeks, go to cambodia for two weeks, and then come back into thailand to see my girlfriend off at the airport. then i would go back into cambodia, through to vietnam, north to hanoi, train to china, flight back to bangkok from china (kunming). then when back in thailand i want to go to laos and back into thailand and then spend a month lying on a beach and then fly home!

so that would be out of thailand to cambodia overland and back into thailand overland.

once more out of thailand to cam, vietnam and eventually china, and then back into thailand by plane from china.

once more out thailand into laos and back into thailand overland.

so over six or eight months i would re-enter thailand 3 times. and each time i could get a 30 day visa for free at the thai border or in the case of my flight from china, at the airport?

sorry, to keep asking and for laying it out so simply, but i want to get everything straight in my head before i go!

cheers, joey

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I will go to Kho Cange.It's located in Trat.There're n't alot of people and also for relax over there.There's the same in Phuget but different thing is You can feel something special for the real travel.