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Dear All,

We're from Bangkok, Thailand. I and my husband plan to visit Europe in April (2004). We're choosing between Spain-Portugal or Austria-Germany. Can anyone give advices between 2 plans? By the way, we've only 1 week holiday and we also consider about our budget. I've heard that I can spend less money in Spain than Germany. Is it true?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Lilly,

I've never visited Portugal but Spain many a time. Germany and Austria I've also visited a few times, and I'd say you could probably get more out of your money by visiting Spain and/or Portugal. It all depends on your preferences. To me Spain is a lot more attractive than Germany, mainly because of the great weather in Spain and because Germany resembles Denmark more than Spain.

Both Germany and Spain have lots of culture but Spain would probably come in as a more relaxed place to visit. Both countries are quite big and it would not be possible to see a lot of each country within such a short time. If you fly into Germany you could spend a day or 2 in Germany then fly on to Spain or Portugal and that way get a bit of each, still depending on your preferences for a holiday. Spain is not just beaches if you venture into the country away from the beaches you'll see the "real" Spain.

Let me know if I can help you, don't think the above has been much of a help, as it's difficult advising people when you're not certain what they really want to get out of a holiday

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I have been all over these countries.
It really depends what you like and your budget.

Spain/Portugal will be considerably cheaper than Germany/Austria.
and in one week u can travel to more places as distance is easier.

You are goin in April so the weather will be better in the Iberian penninsula than in Central europe. So if u like warm weather then head to Spain/porto.

but if u like castles, mountains, and beer - i think Germnay and Austria is much better. and Vienna is the coolest city.

hope this helps!

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I am from Austria and I love Spain. So it’s not easy for me to answer this question. As already mentioned here, it is true that it depends on what you want to do. If you want to enjoy the sun (and see some cultural things beside) you should go to Spain. If you want to see a lot of cultural things like castles, wonderful churches, brilliant museums high mountains (with snow on top), you should definitely go to Austria and Germany. My advice: Vienna, Salzburg (that’s where Mozart and the movie “Sound of Music” is from) and Munich. All that is pretty close. By train it is less than three hours from Vienna to Salzburg and from there another one and a half hour to Munich.

Let me know here where you go finally! ;)


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I've not been to the other 3 countries but I just returned from Spain a month ago. I must say I had a great time in Spain (Catalunya).

There are so much to see in Catalunya alone. I believe even more in other parts of Spain.

Spanish are very relax and warm. Nice people to be with!

a vote for Spain ;)