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Hi TP-ers,

Travelling from Sydney to Cairns later this year, and probably visit some places along the coast. But I like Australia best when in the outback. I have some ideas, especially in Queensland, but I was wondering if someone has any tips for that area as well.

I am talking about the NSW outback roughly between Sydney and the Queensland border and bascially anything between the Queensland coast and Mount Isa. Any specific routes, places, parks etc? Any quirky stuff out there?

Thanks a lot girls and guys!


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If you're interested in the tacky, you can do the "Big Things" tour of the east coast Enormous roadside attractions designed to pull people off the road to spend their money. There are even maps with routes and locations of all the Big Things plotted. As cheesy as they are, some of them are worth the stop. I personally enjoyed the Buderim Ginger Factory in Queensland.

For Queensland, if you're interested in astronomy, head to Charleville and check out the Cosmos Centre and Observatory. Very cool little place. When I was living in Q, I was only in the outback for work not pleasure, so unfortunately I don't have a lot to share with you.

Up in Cairns, head to Kuranda and the Tablelands. Be forewarned, it is a tourist hotspot, but it's a very beautiful area.

I didn't spend a heap of time in NSW, but I did make it to the Blue Mountains. There's some nice hiking/walking trails and incredible views.

Not sure how much driving experience you've had in Oz, so I'll throw this out there. Be VERY careful driving from dusk till dawn. Kangaroos on the roads at night are a serious hazard, especially around duskdawn when the sun is low on the horizon and in your eyes. I have many memories of crawling along highways at 30km/h weaving around herds of roos...


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Thanks Jen!
I did some driving 5 years ago, from Melbourne to Darwin but apart from a trip back from Uluru to Curtin Springs past sunset all of it was during the day indeed. I drove like 30 or 40 as well to be sure..:)

I'll check out the area around Charleville, seems perfectly located in the middle of nowhere, just how I like it. Any recommendations on nice cattle stations to stay perhaps?


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I'd recommend the Undara Lave Tubes, just south-west of Cairns. For more information go here:
Have a great trip!!!