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Hi guys !

I and a friend (both of us are french guys) are currently in Perth, but want to travel from Perth to Sydney from 6th August to 20 August. This idea is to rent a van (we found it on a Perth Agency, for more than 1200 dollars for 2 weeks, with the insurance, 2 beds, stove...), and see the most amazing parts of Australia we can ! I saw on several forum that it could be short in just two weeks, but do you know if it's really possible ?

I also would like to know if somebody is interested in making a part of this trip with us, even just 200 km or less if you have to go from a town to another ! We're very friendly, nice and it could be a good opportunity to meet people too, if you want to travel !

Thanks for your answers !

Yannis (anf Thomas)

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In two weeks it's certainly possible to drive from Perth to Sydney but of course the more time you spend the more you'll see. I've driven from Sydney to Perth in 5 days, but didn't get to stop for much except meals and sleeping. If you have time or can stretch out the two weeks the coast south of Perth is awesome and so are the Flinders Ranges in SA. I've got some pics in my gallery of the area (WA and SA coasts) if you're interested.

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Hi Guys!
2 weeks is a short amount of time to travel and appreciate the journey between Perth and Sydney. There will be plenty of driving involved and you'll be cramming in as much as you can along the way. Here is a suggestion for your 2 week time restriction (although not sure if you are flying out of Sydney after the 2 weeks or staying there so I've included Sydney in the itinerary - if not you have a bit of extra time up your sleeves to slow down a BIT!). As you would be well aware the weather at this time of year is cold...brrrr. But the south coast is a scenic delight and worthy of exploring along the way, instead of taking the shortest inland route. As I'm not aware of how many kilometres you are prepared to travel per day, this suggested itinerary might scare you slightly but it is just a guide (we like to rack up the km's so we can make the most of our time on the road and see as much of this beautiful country as possible, each and every time we travel.;)
So 2 weeks hey, here we go...and we definitely suggest in investing in a good map book to follow! (The Hema Australia Road Atlas is a gem)!
Day 1 - Goodbye Perth. Follow the Albany Highway to Albany. (420km)
Day 2 - Albany to Esperance. Stunning beaches. (480km)
Day 3 - Esperance to Eucla. Big drive, encountering the start of the Nullarbor Plain. (roughly 900km)
Day 4 - Eucla to Port Augusta, South Australia. (900km)
Day 5 - Port Augusta to Adelaide. (300km)
Day 6 - Adelaide to Horsham, include The Grampians, Victoria, if you can. (500km) See the rest of the Grampians in the morning if need be and continue on.
Day 7 - Grampians to Warrnambool. (160km). The stunning Great Ocean Road begins from here, long day but entirely worth it!!! Arrive in Melbourne (260km) or stay along Great Ocean Road.
Day 8 - Explore Melbourne.
Day 9 - Melbourne to Wodonga (320km) Call in to Glenrowan along the way - famous town of the infamous Aussie Bushranger "Ned Kelly".
Day 10 - Wodonga to Canberra (Capital city of Australia) (360km)
Day 11- Canberra to Sydney via the Blue Mountains (300km)
Day 12-14 - Sydney. Amazing city with plenty to see and do. Ride the hop on-hop off buses which take you to all the tourist spots and you can get on and off wherever you please all day, even head out to Bondi Beach.
Hope this helps guys, enjoy your Aussie adventure. The Travel Australia Bible website (no promos intended, helpful and beneficial info only for travellers like yourselves) provides photos and descriptions of the aforementioned places.
Happy travels and happy camping.
Jodie. :)