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51. Posted by maxihobbs (Budding Member 28 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hey guys,

Feels like I've been gone ages - so much so Natalie's changed her name to Tilly!

Welcome to the discussion Scott!

I've made some progress myself in that I've been in touch with STA Travel who I've been recommended on countless occasions. I've now been assigned a member of staff who is helping me plan the trip, financially, and every other aspect such as insurance, flights, visa's etc

I'dhighly recommend doing the same if you want knowledgable people helping you out.

My first tip was to not go during peak season - kind of an obvious one I guess but that means I'll now start my voyage in September 2014 - another month to save I guess! This means our little Trans Mongolian/Siberian adventure is still well in my reach around this time. Hopefully we'll end up spending Xmas/New Year around Asia/Australia - epic!

Scott - I wouldn't even think twice baout it if you have job security, get yourself out there and start a saving pot with your next months pay. Job security is a big reason why a lot of people remain undecided - you have the gift of not having that worry!

That's my updates :)

Hope your all well

2014 is becoming ever closer!


52. Posted by natalie1989 (Budding Member 66 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Heyy Max

hahaha most people call me Tilly as it is nicer than 'Nat' and Natalie is a bit too long.

i thought seeing as we have been chatting for a while it is time to shorten it to be a bit more informal! hahaha!

yeah i have heard about STA travel but didnt know when to get in touch with them. thought it may be a bit too early? did u go for a meeting with them or did u just have email correspondence with them?

yeah starting in september is much better and cheaper.

i think we should plan our trans siberian thing for the end of october?

scott you coming along with us? lol. looks like we are getting a little group together now.. if Scott comes there will be five of us - guaranteed non scary brilliant time! :D

i am so excited.

i have pretty mcuh worked out all of my countries and routes and sorted most of my transport. i am also in the process of making most of my estimates in terms of rough prices and am actually quite suprised at how cheap things are.

well done Maxi, sounds like you have made a lot of progress.

i am literally so excited.

this time in two years i will leaving in like...10 days ahhhhh!

Scott..if you have job security you have GOT to go! there is nothing holding you back..

i know it is scary going on your own. me and max are going on our own but if you read back over this thread you will see the pros and cons we have discussed.

depending on where you're going you could meet up with me through the way..

anyway i would say its definately worth doing.

enjoy your holiday! :D

Max - what did you do when you spoke to/saw STA travel? did you go with all your plans?

could you talk me through it roughly so that i have a rough idea of what to expect and what to bring?




53. Posted by maxihobbs (Budding Member 28 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hello again Tilly :)

I just had a look at various RTW travel specialists online and gave STA an email, no harm done. They responded really quick and already emailed a quote for insurance. Flights obviously cannot be booked until around a year before the day, which is a year from now so that's fine. It leaves plenty of planning time.

I'm hoping to speak to them on the phone or head to Bristol to speak to someone there in the near future. they said they would ring to discuss it further. Only so much you can do over email but I'd certainly recommend it Nat.


54. Posted by natalie1989 (Budding Member 66 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!


oh ok that sounds good.

i think i might send an email to them too.. my friend is going travelling with her boyfriend to se asia and africa and she has booked her round the world flights with sta travel. she recommended them to me a while back but said she wasnt going to book any tours or anything with them, just her flights.

so if you're leaving in september now as opposed to august then is the end of october still a good time for you to go on the trans siberian?

i think that i will be in thailand for christmas and new year (and my birthday..december 10th!) which is so insanely cool haha. i cant wait. i may possibly still be in china though...hmm unsure

ahh i wish i could just go now! i dont want to wait! :(

hope youre ok

and sodriscoll

havent heard from you in a while

hope everything is ok with you aswell and is the trans siberian ok for you end of october?

scott.. hope youre ok too and enjoying your holiday lol

Tilly x

55. Posted by sodriscoll98448 (Budding Member 23 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Typing now guys

[ Edit: Edited on 25-Aug-2012, at 03:54 by sodriscoll98448 ]

56. Posted by sodriscoll98448 (Budding Member 23 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

End of October sounds awesome, sorry for lack of posts got a new job so me and my fiancé have gone from saving 1000 per month to 1500 per month which is awesome, but 50 hours work a week takes its tole but totally worth it. The jobs hotel live in, no bills 3 meals a day so saving will be way easier than if I had a flat.
May laptop chargers broke also which stops me getting online much till pay day, using an iPad ATM, not a big fan of touch screens lol.

Also hard to plan things without my laptop, prices etc, what have you worked out as a rough estimate of your budget Tilly? I'm hoping for 12-15k each for me and Gina and the amount were going to be saving it will certainly be do-able. Currently going through a debate with her about oz. if always wanted to go to oz, it would be my dream to live there.... She doesn't feel that way and wants to go for 6 months, I want to stay longer, bleurgh... We'd be finding work there so I'm hoping that once she's there she'll love it lol.

Extremely excited for asia, budgeted about 800 for thialand for a month, close to 500 for just a week in japan which is crazy and will deffo dent our accounts, thats each by the way lol, do you think that will be enough. I'm thinking I'm defo hitting Japan. I'm a huge nerd lol, so I'll be hitting the anime stores and the Pokemon center like the nerd I am..... I'mkidding child.

But of course Russia, probably going to be one of the hi lights of my trip because it's been the one place I've always wanted to go, it's just so beautiful and in 2 years I'll be there, then the trans Siberian over to Beijing... If been thinking of 2 years been ages but, this last year flew in while I was studying, then we have my birthday soon, then Xmas soon, the girlfriends birthday ten family events, my birthday Christmas again, it's going to fly I'm sure.

All in all things are going okay over this end, time will fly hopefully :)

2 years guys, not long

Stacey xx

57. Posted by sodriscoll98448 (Budding Member 23 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Wow major, scott please, please, please don't say no to the opportunity to d it, your job seems pretty cool in the sense you'll have it t g back to, there's nothing holding you back. DO IT!

I dare you ;)


58. Posted by natalie1989 (Budding Member 66 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hey Stacey, end of October it is then!
and wow you are saving loads! well done! i cant beieve you are saving that much, you are gonna be rich hahaha..

congratulations on your new job :)

ermm my rough estimate is around £12 - 20k. there is no way i can save 20k but i am hoping to save around 15 and then maybe get a cheap low rate loan, although i dont wanna get it for no lolng as i have enough to get me to Oz and stay there for at least 3 - 6 months with no job (just incase i cant find work) then i am fine.. i think that with your budget you will definately be ok with your budget.

in regards to your fiance not wanting to go to australia and you really wanting to go..i would probably just focus for now on travelling round europe and southeast asia and then decide off the cuff sort of thing.. i mean by the time we actually go and by the time you leave southeast asia and stuff could be like 3 years away.. you may find that you meet aussises on the way and she chnges her mind, or it could be that you have loads of money left over and she doesnt want to come home yet, she may cahnge her mind, or you may even change your mind.. in terms of the could just book the flight from wherever you are at the time rather than from england before you go..?

im not sure.. i wouldnt worry about it too much though.

ahh i SO wanna go to Japan! but i think it is going to be too expensive :( hmm im not sure..

and Russia oh my god i cant WAIT! i have always wanted to go to Russia i cant wait.

ive always wanted to go to India and China and Austraia aswell.,

cant believe this time in two years we will be going soon! ahh lol.. it will fly by!

Dont work too hard! :)


59. Posted by Stopping89 (Budding Member 4 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Heyy guys,

Sorry it's taken so long to reply! Didn't have fun switching back to days when I finished nights last week, low and behold...I'm back on nights now! But on the home stretch to holiday (Friday!!!)...Not excited in the slightest obviously!

Just read through what I've missed and caught up, man all of you're plans sound so exciting and fixed! When are you all looking to actually travel/set off etc?

I've definitely taken the first step to doing it!...I've accepted a new job! It's a bit better money and will save me £300 a month on commuting! My original plans were to leave Jan 2014, probably head over to Oz to do some work there for a bit then see what happens...but I'm pretty open to suggests! So feel free to suggest away!

This trans siberian thing looks awesome! I'm definitely up for that!

If anyone wants my facebook just drop me a message with your link...I have to have mine on hardcore privacy settings because of my job! We've had people followed home and stuff by patients because they found out where they lived through facebook...hence the settings!

Hope you're all good!
Scott x

P.s. Stacey...dare accepted!

60. Posted by maxihobbs (Budding Member 28 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Good work then guys - got a little group of us all seemingly happy with our plans so far.

I think it'd be good to get some social network links shared as it's easier to organise rather than posting on here week in week out and maybe give us chance to get to know each other better.

I have a Facebook account (just Google Maxi Hobbs Facebook and you should find me) - feel free to add and drop a message. If we are all willing to share our accounts then we can get a little group going where we can set out plans/share links etc

Glad to hear all are on board thus far