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Hey people, going to Belize in Aug for a week. Aug 9-17

Will be landing in Belize City at 3pm, where should I go from here. I may be renting a car and driving around, any good locals to check out?

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Generally people who go to Belize go to one of the islands off of the coast.

Though I had no problems there I did not quite feel safe in Belize Town. Orange Walk on the way there looks a bit run down.

You could visit Tikal which an ancient city in a jungle, which is some 150 miles away and in Guatemala.

Or Chetumal which is about 100 miles north, in Mexico.

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I went to Belize a few years ago. I spent half my time on Caye Kaulker, which was beautiful, a little tiny island, we snorkeled and everyone is friendly. and no cars. its very relaxing, but there isnt a whole lot to do
we caught a boat there straight from belize city.
Belize city is filthy though, dont spend much time there.
the 2nd half we went inland, and there was LOTS to do there. we visited mayan ruins and the very best part of the trip was going to the ATM cave, sounds silly but it was AMAZING! you hike through the jungle to this amazing cave where you can go spelunking through it and in the back there is this huge cavern that is a mayan sacrificial burial ground. the bones and pottery is everywhere. such an amazing experience. you have to go with a guide because of all the artifacts. I DEFINITELY recommend going there.
i'll see if i can find a link
this artical explains it rather well