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Shortest RTW trip?

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1. Posted by Jayb206 (Budding Member 3 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hi all,

My boyfriend and I would really like to do a round the world trip, we love travelling and want to see so much but neither of us has much patience! However we have a mortgage, two dogs and full time jobs so we were considering doing a quick trip around the world in say, three weeks... we were thinking June 2013 as it is cheapest from what we have researched.

We have no idea if this is feasible or worth it. We were thinking London - LA (Travel 1 day and 3 days LA) - travel 1 day - Cook Islands (3 days) - travel 1 day - Auckland (3 Days) - travel 1 day - Sydney (3 days) - 1 day travel - Tokyo (3 days) - London. Total of 21 days.

We have found decently priced flights and researched expedia for hotel/hostel costs and worked out we need about 5250 for the trip including 25 pound a day each spending money. that total excludes the 1500 pound it will cost to kennel two dogs for three weeks!

So a total of almost 7000 pound for a three week trip. Do people think it's worth it? Considering jet lag would 3 days in each place be enough? Does it seems more logical to go to these places individually over a couple of years and pay more? I really would like to do it but are we being too ambitious.

Alternatively we will go to Hawaii, Rio and somewhere else possible SA next year for a week each time.

I would be soooo grateful for peoples advice :)

Thank you
Jaimie xx

2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1851 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

£7,000 for 3 weeks? No, it isn't worth it. You'll just get a taster of a few countries, little more than stamps on your passport, and you'll hardly see anything. You will spend a lot of your time flying and get jet lagged (sleeping on a plane is very difficult and does not really refresh you.)

June is cheapest because the weather is worst at these times (ie: Winter Down Under and the rainy season in Asia).

The alternate is not much better.

Much of the cost of holidays is getting there and you can spend time there at not much extra cost.

You'd be better picking one or two countries and having a good holiday there. Maybe even a tour to China or Peru or something?

How about a Caribbean cruise? They are always on special offer on the Travel or Cruise channel or Daily Mail, Saturday or Sunday, and you can do ten islands in two weeks and have a great time.

Check the weather before booking a destination.