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Hey people. Im hoping to fly to australia later this year.Im a bit stuck preparation wise. Im not sure to try and set up a job befor i go or just find one when i arrive.I will be taking money with me so a job would pay for travel.Just any avice would b really useful. Thanx.

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Depends on what you want to do out there-well actually it doesnt-ignore that-i'm not thinking straight today!

try www.worktravelcompany.co.uk they do all sorts of packages, even an indvidual one-so they set up accounts for you and your tax files etc. they also help you get a job. I got a brochure from them ages ago-they look pretty good!

I haven't been with them but there's no harm in looking!

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Legally, the visa doesn't allow you to have work before you arrive in Australia as the visa conditions are that the work is supposed to be a supplement to your travelling which is your primary reason for being in Australia. If you can find it before leaving home, that is great, but in all honesty, chances of this being the case are pretty small since at any given time there will be about 75 000 other backpackers in Australia all looking for the same type of work and actually there to go to job applications etc.

Check out the work and travel australia feature I did up a while back. It's still pretty up to date and should help you out with the basic preperation questions...

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thanks for the advice! i did receive a brochure for the worktravel co but i wanna do it on my own.