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I'm planning on doing a bit of Eastern Europe at the end of this school year. I'm flying from London, and hope to do Sofia->Budapest->Prague, and later head to Marseilles. anyone knows the best way to get around these places? cheap flights, train, anything!

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Easyjet fly to Prague and Budapest. That is probably your cheapest option, but look and book early because the cheap seats are in big demand at that time of year. Flybe might go to Prague as well, but i'm not sure which airports that fly from.

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Once you hit Eastern Europe, use the trains. Last thing I knew they were cheap enough. Then you can stop and start how you like. For example when heading south from Prague you can stop at Ceske Budejovice (chess-keh bood-yeh-yoh-vit-seh) which is known around the world as Budweis. The local brew Budvar is 10 times better than the St Louis stuff. CB is a nice little city. Although capitals are always a major draw for travellers, check out the smaller places too, they often show much more character of the country than the larger cities. See if you can work in Krakow into your trip, and possibly a mountain destination in the Tatry mountains between Slovakia and Poland.

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What about Romania? Has anyone been there?

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Hi, i did a trip around eastern europe last summer. The trains are very cheap so that will be your best bet for travlling between places. however, the places u have mentioned arent really near each other and may take some time to get between them all. I went to Brasov (home of Dracula) Bucharest and a small place called Timisoara in Romania. Personally was not a big fan. Found that Bucharest was one of the least attractive citiesi have visited in Europe and didnt find a whole lot to do or see there. Were also no postcards to be found anywhere!! brasov is quite nice, though will take a good 12 hours by train from Budapest through the transylvanian mountains.

In terms of a route, i would propbaly recommend flying to Prague, then heading over to Krakow if possible, Budapest, Brasov, Sofia, then i imagine u will have to fly to marseille if u want to end up there as would take forever on a train.

I agree about the smaller places as well. In romania the nicest place i went was Timisoara which is nice little town that is very pretty. In the Czech Republic i went to Cesky Krumlov which was so picturesque. You cn just wander around the streets for hours.

Dont forget that a lot of the journeys you are interested in will require great lengths of time to be spent on trains. Personally i think i would forgo Sofia and maybe do Ljubljana (Slovenia) instead. This would probably make the travelling time slightly less.


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travelled arond Europe last year.Did Amsterdam,Prague,Bratislava, Budapest,Munich,S.Spain,Madrid,Barcelona and then home.If I was you I would do as I did;get an interrail ticket which is valid for a month and will basically give you free reign to travel where you please. Continental Europe is the easiest place in the world to get around.Get a cheap flight over and once you're there you can pretty much go where you please.In fact don't set your plans too rigid and you can generally just drift around to your hearts content. :)

Ps.If you're in Budapest try getting to lake Balaton it's pretty cool and relaxed around there.