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Hi there

I am looking at travelling south and central america in around 2 years time... its so long off i am still pretty vague on the plan.

i want to basically do as much as I can but am wondering if anybody has any info on how much time i would spend. I am pretty free with my time scales and also how much would it cost?

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It depends on what you want to see and how you travel. You can book tours into the Amazon, take a train or go via the Inca Trail to MP. Flying is the easiest way to get around but it is quite expensive, with the alternative being some days on buses at time. The Galapagos as well as being expensive has to be booked early.

Decide what countries you want to visit and what you want to see. I quite liked Panama but little there to see. The same with Guatemala, other than Tikal and other sites. Belize is a bit of a dump. Columbia is not bad like it was but I would still be wary in some areas, with Mexico acquiring a bad reputation over the last few years thanks to drug cartels fighting.

Not really that much in Brazil, Argentina or Chile unless you like countryside, hikes, etc. Quite a lot in Peru.