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1. Posted by BHammer301 (Budding Member 33 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

hello all, I am moving to china in 2 weeks. I will be there for a year. I cant imagine buying bottled water for an entire year. any advice on whether or not boiling tap water is safe?

how about iodine tablets? or water purification tablets. will they work?

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Hi there -

I live in Shanghai! We have been buying bottled water for 4 years! There are a number of companies which deliver 25 litre bottles to your house, I pay 34rmb for 2 bottles approximately every week.

I also buy small bottles of water by the dozen so I have one to grab when we head out.

I use it for everything, including cooking pasta / rice, the last wash of vegetables (e.g. I'll scrub under tap water, but rinse off with bottled water), making tea/coffee, etc.

Where are you moving to?? Are you moving for work?? Let me know if you have any other questions.
Good luck for the move!



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It costs money to boil water and you have to boil it for some time to kill off certain bacteria (some extremophiles will think boiling water a bit cool) but that will do nothing to heavy metals, poisons and such it might contain.

I used purification tablets on two trips to India decades ago. Ugh. I would not like to take iodine internally. Nasty stuff.

I've lived in very rural France since 2004 and always drink bottled water since then. The water is of drinking quality when it leaves the pumping station, but then comes through a few miles of old lead pipes to reach me. I don't know what they use in China to move water about?

50 litres is a lot do water and 34 rmb not much money (£3.44 or $5.34).