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Hi everyone,
Planning to go to South America in January, for 5-6 months. My ideal trip would be to do a language course spanish a couple of weeks, and after that some voluntary work, and do some backpacking in between. I think I will leave for S-A in January. Thinking of doing Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentine. Anyone having the same plans who would like to travel with a buddy? Or any ideas, organisations for voluntary work?
I'm a 18 y/o, but a lot older-minded than you might think. Really flexible and 'go with the flow' travel style.

Let me know!

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I know you posted over a month ago but Ive only just read it, Im also planning on going to South America next year, going early March, planning on starting in Brazil then down to Argentina then Chile and working my way up. I would also love to do a language course, as for volunteering, planning on doing alot of conservation work out there too. Im not sure if they allow you to post websites on the forum but if you pm me I have one or two really good and low cost volunteer sites that Ive used :)



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I'm looking too go backpacking sometime next year and would love too explore south america, though i'm worried by my lack of language

Do either of you speak any spanish or are just going too do a course when your out there?
What's your budget.....including flights, insurance, visas e.t.c.?
Have you booked anything yet?

Holly: How long do you plan too travel for?

Mark x

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I don't speak any Spanish, apart from some basic phrases, I'm trying to learn more before I leave though, then I intend on going to a language school whilst I'm in Chile or Peru, or maybe Argentina and then just try and learn more just by travelling around and meeting people.

As for budget, as much as I can save before I leave, (I'd like to leave with £7000)! I haven't booked anything in terms of flights yet and I'm waiting on dates for an internship in marine conservation im planning on doing whilst im out there, so my trip kind of revolves around that, ideally I want to travel for 4/5 months then do the internship for 6 months so hopefully a year in total. This is the plan anyway.....

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I also plan on traveling through Central/South America preferably via back pack. Planning on going early 2013 would love to do some volunteer work, I am already fluent in spanish. I also plan on stopping by a music festival in Costa Rica in late February if you'd be interested..

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Thats sounds cool.....fingers crossed you get the internship:)

Well my spanish is non-existent, so i'd try too learn some phrases, not sureabout a language course , asi'd be looking at around 4 months of just travelling and a possibly meeting a travel buddy who has a grasp of spanish:)

I'd love too visit machu picchu and iguassu falls. Do you jus want too visit the countries you mentioned or others too? Is the marine consevration on the Galapago islands?

Hey Marcos.... how long are you looking too travel for? What sort of music festival is in costa rica? i went too glastonbury 2011 and isle of white 2012 music festival here in britain, i had an amazing time!!!!!!!

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Yeahh machu picchu, iguassu falls, salt flats, marble caves in chile, death road cycle in la paz and easter island are just a few things on my list! I would love to do nearly all the countries in south america, alas its a huge continent and I dont want to get ahead of myself with my budget, I think im just gonna see when Im out there, would love to get to central america though. There are two I'm going for one in the amazon near Bolivia and another in Costa Rica, gotta wait and see. Unfortunately the Galapagos was too expensive, maybe I'll get to visit. Do you have a route yet mark?

Marcos, a music festival in Costa Rica sounds amazing! What kind of volunteer work were you after? Planned out a rough route yet?

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Ye there's some amazing things too do and see in south america. I've looked at trips too the Galapagos and they are expensive.

No route, not sure yet south america is going to be my destination, as i said my spanish is non-existent, i'm thinking it maybe better for me too visit somewhere where english is spoken more. If i do decide on south america though i read there's plenty to do and see in ecuador, peru for machu picchu and my friend did the death road cycle in la paz, he said it was amazing:)

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for some reason, I wish to go to Cordova.

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Cordova is a nice city it has beautiful location and the SEA i wish i could be there this year with my family!