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Hi all,

just looking for some advice and suggestions, i'm going to be landing in bangkok on approx 18th december from india.

At the moment we are looking to be flying from bangkok to the philippines and spending xmas and new years there with boracay toping the list at the moment for the best place?

Has anyone got any tips on if that may be a good idea or which they think would be more suited? we know that the locals don't celebrate xmas in thailand but do in the philippines which is attracting us there. We just want to chill out a bit around xmas time slowing down our travels and do a bit of partying around new years.

Thanks in advance.


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Staying in Thailand over Christmas is not much of a religious experience but there are churches available in the city. Devout Christians manage to find churches just about anywhere. In the Philippines Christmas is more of a religious experience. You see Christmas decorations going up in some malls as early as October sometimes.

Pro. For Thailand is that if you do not spend money on round trip to Manila you can use that money on shopping or entertainment. For Thailand you could just stay in a different, smaller beach area or even Chiang Mai for a few days. Get away from the hectic life of Bangkok and visit a different city. I think for the same amount of money your hotel is better in Bangkok than in Manila. I prefer the transportation available in Thailand because it is less crowded and better organized.

Con. This that this is the most expensive time of the entire year to be in Thailand and hotel bookings can be tight. If you have a big family or part of a large group you might find it hard to put everyone in one room.

Pro. For Manila is that it is that Christmas is more of a religious event than just having more tourists for sales opportunities. Several festivals going on and processions. Lots of churches.

Con. For Manila this is also when many Filipino workers return home. Hotels can be fully booked. Malls swamped. Hotels in Manila, for the same amount of money, my opinion, are not as good as Bangkok. Another opinion, I think Bangkok is a little cleaner and safer too! Buses in the Philippines will be more crowded and cramped at this time of year than normal. When I am on a cheap long distance bus in the Philippines those buses are always cramped, even with luggage blocking the aisle. That is normal normal. Christmas season even worse with highway traffic often bogged down.

For either place book ahead of time. If you plan on putting more than 2 adults in one room expect problems. You may have to book two smaller rooms.

I have lived in the Philippines for a short while when I was in the military and manage a visit each year.

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Christmas is so phoney these days. I prefer Bangkok where it's just another day.