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Hi guys!! I'm new here.

I'm planning a trip to Australia, so I'm trying to get all the info I need. Specially to do the math of money!! hehe In order to have an idea of how much i need to take I need to know how much I'm gonna be spending in trasportation. The good and bad thing of Australia is that it is a hube big continent... and getting around is not easy.

Right now what is driving me nuts is travelling between Cairns and Alice Spings. I see that there are very few optiones... like quantas. Righ now is the part of the itinerary that is causing me the most problem. So I'm seeking the help of the expertes here for more options.

Please, please, please!!! I'm sort of stuck in that part, and I'm hoping there is a better way to get there that i haven't considered.

FYI: I don't drive, so anyting that involves wheels and me driving is a "no, no".

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I had a look with kayak for mid October and prices started from around £300 for a flight, returning two days later.

Ayres Rock is a vanity destination so basically you pay whatever they decide to charge or you go without.


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3. Posted by SAM.SARA (Budding Member 5 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I'm not particulary intrested in ayers rock iftself. If I'm in the area I'm going to see it, but I'm not going for it. I'm more intrested in the "outback experience". I'm gonna be on Cairns area bc I definitly want to go the reef. But i'm trying to define the next step. I could skip Alice Spring altogether and go to adelaide straight. I'm trying to balance the things i want to do y and keeping costs in check, since Australia is kind of expensive.

So you have been many times? Do you mind if I ask what do you recommend as the must sees?. I'm gonna be there almost a month, and it's not likely I'm gonna go again in the foreseeable future, since there are so many other places i want to visit.

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To the OP. In your situation, if you have the time, your best option will be to get to Cairns and put up some signs in the backpackers around town that you want a lift to Alice Springs. There are quite a few people heading that way. You might want to check and make a post on the travel partners section of Gumtree

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Virgin Australia flies direct to Ayers Rock (Uluru) which might be an option, I think you can get a bus from there to Alice Springs. Alternately you could check how much Greyhound charge for a bus ride from Cairns to Alice Springs, or as Dodger suggests a ride share on Gumtree might be the ticket.

On a separate note, if you're going to Alice Springs you should definitely go out to see Ayers Rock. For me it is the highlight of central Australia, also in the area is The Olgas and Kings Canyon which are both well worth seeing.

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