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I'm alotting myself 6 weeks to visit Argentina and Paraguay (oh yeah, and the super south of Brazil (not Rio or Sao), Paranagua Train etc. Any suggestions? Think this isn't enough time?

And about Patagonia. May too cold? Let me know.

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Paraguay is not very difficult to visit - or rather, it's very difficult so to save yourself the time don't plan too much! You need a day or two for Asuncion, and then a day in Ciudad del Este, from where you will of course be going to see the Iguazu falls. Stay in a hotel on the Brazilian side, it's a lot nicer! The Paranagua train is psectacular, only I did it when the weather was shit and cloudy and could only catch occasional glimpses of the gorges. Florianapolis is well worth a visit and you can see whales around there too.

Northern Argentina has loads to offer as well... If you want specific info let me know or visit my site. I will answer as many questions as possible!

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Hi madame ..
Brazilian south mmm ... Iguazu falls, Itaipu dam
Paraguay, I went only to ciudad del este, but I know that there are some jesuitic ruins.
In Argentina u could visit Iguazu Falls, San Ignacio Ruins, Wanda 's stones (Misiones); at buenos aires u have everything ... art, night, nice places to eat like palermo soho, palermo hollywood, great dancefloors like pacha or alternative parties at buenos aires country side.
Argentinian west ... damn good wines, mountains, lakes ... (patagonia, or mendoza)

If u need something in buenos aires, just let me know.

C Ya !!
Take care.

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The Jesuit Missions are easier to see in Argentina than in Paraguay, and if you want to get to the Paraguayan ones, it's probably easier to reach them from the Argentine side too. They are all located in a fairly small area.

Itaipu dam I found... dissapointing. I am not by that saying it was not wrth the visit, it certainly was, it is immense, but I was dissapointed with the tour they give, since you can't stop on the dam to take photographs and get a good feel of the sheer size of it from standing on it. But worth the visit all the same. Anyone who has the chance to visit Iguazu and doesn't is missing out BIG TIME.

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I was in Paraguay for 3 1/2 months for voluteering as an English teacher and I really enjoyed my time there, Asuncion is a very intersting city, there isn't much to do in Paraguay as everyone has said so dont allow too mcuh time as you may be sat around twiddling your thumbs for an entire afternoon! Anyway the Jesuit ruins are in a place called Encarnacion which is accesible by bus from Asuncion, as is every where. Ciudad Del Este is basically one big market where you can get almost everything which is interesting!! And of course while you are down there you have to go to Iguazu Falls. Enough said.