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hey all
On the 28th of august 2012 i am setting out to travel to thailand from australia. i wish to spend roughly 13 days in bangkok then travel to laos via land entering in the south and heading north and spend three weeks there aprox. from laos i wish to fly into hanoi and travel south to ho chi min city spending aprox three weeks in vietnam. then wishing to enter cambodia via land spending aprox 2 weeks. then leaving cambodia, flying to thailand south for aprox 28 days and departing nov 27th for australia. the question i am asking is do i obtain visas now or is it safe and easy to do this as we go, as plans may change day to day? durations may change,obviously within visa times. i have been told i do not need a visa for thailand, laos is easy at a boarder crossing, i must apply for vietnam visa in thailand or laos and is easy to do so on the spot at an agent or embassy. cambodia visa i can obtain at boarder crossing and spending the last month in thailand is ok as i am entering and departing by plane. looking to fly on the cheap and have seen nokair prices, is it easy to buy tickets at the airport there and then? any information on any of this post that could help would be most appreciated!!!!!!!!!!! thanks guys... please help this novice traveling south east asia

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Dear Aussiedan37,

It's easy for you apply by "Vietnam Visa Online Service" is simple and easy not take long time you can apply when you stay at Bangkok or Laos for setting the date. And about tickets Nokair you can buy at and pay by visa card or if you don't want to buy by visa card you can find many tourist shop.

And I think if the first time you will stay at Bangkok for 13 days is too much for you i guess you should spend more days to another province and can go buy cheap bus or van (it is public) and I can help you for if you have some question for how to go anywhere in Thailand, coz I'm stay in Bangkok, hope this can help you and have enjoy your trip :)

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I know good experience to get Vietnam Visa at airport. You should contact at your hotel in Vietnam and get invitation letter only 25$. It need your detail information and 2 images. While you arrival airport, you will get your visa at airport and extra pay around 40$.

Further more, From hotel in Thai Lan, Lao, Campuchia you could do Vietnam Visa I believe they happy to help you this service.

Hope you well.

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Buying tickets at the airport will be quite expensive for you. Since you're doing the trip on the fly, and don't know exact dates (a good way to go by the way for someone so young), I would walk around the town and ask the local travel agents about cheaper airfares or just go online to the various airline websites (you will need a credit card). I do know my exact travel dates and paid US$145. for my Luang Prabang-Hanoi ticket on Lao Airlines. Domestic air travel will be considerably less.

One thing to avoid in Vietnam are the long haul buses - roads in this country are fairly dangerous, so please use the train or plane. Don't miss Sapa or Hanoi - my 2 favorites in VN. Be prepared for the Vietnamese aggressiveness toward farang tourists - learn about the scams before your trip so you know how to avoid them and save money.

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It sounds like a great itinerary. 13 days for BKK are way too many IMO. I would spend a few days in BKK and then head north. A few in Kanchanaburi might be worth your time. Ayuthaya, Sukhothai, on to Chiang Mai. You have time for a trek before going into Laos.

Laos will sell you a 30 day visa when you arrive at their border. For VN, I would use the 'visa on arrival system' set up for visitors flying into VN. My blog covers my experience using visa on arrival. Or you can buy your VN visa while in Vientiane. Most GHs will do it for you for a small fee. Allow a few days, fast service costs more with VN visas.

Most visitors to VN use the open tour buses to travel from HaNoi south or HCMC north. Cheap, convenient. Get on, back on when you want. The downside is that VN has a terrible accident rate on their roads. The train is safer, has sleeper option, costs more, must book most legs a few days in advance. Decide which option is best for you.

Many companies run buses from HCMC to Phnom Penh. I used Sinh Cafe because I wanted to be let off at Capitol GH in PP. All are about $15, they will get your Cambodia visa for you, $20 plus $5. Or wait until you hit the border and save $5 and do it yourself. My blog covers my day from HCM-PP. Once in PP, I would get on the computer and book your flight as soon as you know your departure date. Air Asia has many cheap flights as well as Nok Air.

I have heaps of photos in my gallery from SEA. They may help with what cities you want to spend your time. Good luck with your planning.

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