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I will be in Goa around 20th November for approx 14days before heading up north.

I would be great if anyone can recommend any must visit places/beaches or any good 14day itineraries?

Also is it best to prebook hostels/beachhuts in india or just turn up at a beach and see whats about?

Thanks All,


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HI Dom,
the beaches usually famous for touristy stuff are bagha beach and calangute beach.Both are right next to each other and you will usually find the best places to hang out over here..brittos for lunch,infantria for breakfast, titos is the club which draws a lot of croud..usually its a nice place area to just chill...however if you are in the rave or trance kind of scene-if you know what i mean- then anjuna beach is quite famous..do hit up curleys shack over there..
Goa has a bit of gambling scene too so you can easily spend 4-5 days in goa...if you are heading to north india ..then usually tourists find new delhi exhilatering with its contrast of metropolitan as well as poverty..rajasthan is where you can head further if you wanna c the palaces n everything..ok am tired of typing! hope this helps :)

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As said, not a lot in Goa though it is spread over a fair area with a variety of towns and beaches. Buses get you about, eventually and also trains in places.

Prebook accommodation if possible. There are times when places fill up and no one likes dragging luggage around in 100+ degree heat.

If you are leaving Goa by train, book it shortly after arrival as the trains do fill up and late bookers do sometimes have to wait days before they go.

Do be careful if sunbathing as it can roast your skin. Malaria tablets? Visa?

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As usual cyberia is quite wrong. There is lots to see and do in Goa and easy to get around. I motorcycled it from Anjuna in the north to Palolem in the south in about 5 hours. You can rent scooters in all the tourist areas for about 800rp a day. Velha Goa (old Goa) is a great place to visit for its history and churches, as is margao. you might also want to consider a trip out to Hampi.

DONT pre book your accommodation.The days of Goa being crowded are over and it's easy to roll into town and haggle for a much better price, plus you actually get to see the place and not some picture on the internet craftily taken. And the temps are not in the 100's in November, more a beautiful 90, and sometimes chilly at night.

I wasn't a fan of Calangute beach and much preferred Anjuna. The rave scene is pretty much dead these days too. Russians are quite predominant in Goa, but they are fun to drink with!

The trains don't book up because everyone is heading south at that time of year, so going north is no problem, but still book a few days before you travel. The train is a real Indian experience and shouldnt be missed.

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