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Hi Guys,

I'm planning a trip early next year planning to go around SE Asia, going through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos for roughly 6 months, then moving down to java and possibly visiting Bali & Lambok on the way for around a month. Finally heading to Oz and NZ for a month in each, so looking at about 10 months in total.

I have a budget between me and my girlfriend of around £13,000 for the whole trip which would include flights aswell (flying from london).
We are planning to budget as tight as we can & get the most out of our money, and considering buying a working visa for Australia aswell.

This is our first time travelling and i'm still getting clued up on everything, however i am a little consious that we don't have enough money between us to do and go everywhere everything we want to!

using your travelling wisdom, do you think this is a realistic goal for us to buy the tickets & travel these countries for this amount of time on the budget we have allocated for it?

any input you have on this i would really appreciate it as i am a complete newbie with all of this! :)

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Hi There

I am a little out of touch with the cost of things as we came back in 2010 at a rough guess I'd say you might just do it with £13,000 but you'll have to keep a careful eye on your budget leaving Oz & NZ until last.. they will drain your money much faster than you expect. That said if you are planning to work when you are there you will only need enough to take you through the first month then you should be ok.

They are expensive countries, I would say more than here so if you have overspent in Asia you will need to find jobs pretty quickly.

We are also planning another trip next year and plan to have £10,000 for 6 months on the road.. this is probably way too much but we learnt from last time that you always need that bit more for things you didn't think about!

Towards the end of our trip when we were in SE Asia we were spending on average around £1000 a month for the two of us. We did pretty much everything we wanted but we weren't out drinking every night so bear that in mind, we were living on a budget with the occasional splurge and my husband squeezed in a few dives too.

You will probably spend quite a lot of this before you even leave the country.. insurance, (some) jabs, flights etc soon add up so build them into what you are planning to spend.

Hope this helps. The best advice I can give you is save up as much as you possibly can, when you are out there don't stress too much about the money side. It can easily take over your trip and although you need to keep track of your money don't miss out on things you really want to do becasue it's a little more than you'd hoped... you really will regret it as you might not get that opportunity again.

Enjoy the planning.. but don't plan too much! Keep it flexible as I can guarantee it won't work out the way you plan it now.. it'll be better! :)