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Coming Home from travelling?

Travel Forums General Talk Coming Home from travelling?

1. Posted by esiellablaze (Budding Member 5 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Me and my partner left the UK a year ago and came to Australia to travel around on a working holiday visa, we have done our specified work so we have a second year visa if we want it.

I have felt while I have been here that I'm just waiting to do something else, kind of enduring my stay not enjoying it. I know this will seem crazy to some people but it's how I feel. I am always looking forward to finishing things not actually doing them, its really weird but I think I'm just bored of it here. So I want to go home and study, as since I have been here I have discovered what I really want to do. This is good because it means I will have something to do at home. My mum thinks I will really regret coming home now( I was planning on staying for 2 years) but it will be the same kind of regret you feel coming home from any travels or holiday, missing the weather, the freedom. But I am only 19 and like I said I can come back for my second visa and I would like to, I just dont feel the time is right now.
I have seen some really great places here, but in honesty I don't think Australia is that great, it is kind of bland. Also I really wanted to head to queensland and back over to wa, but I don't have the money to do this now and if i stay now I wont have a chance to see any of queensland, but if I do come back(which is quite likely) then I will be able to see it and do some of the stuff I missed out on.

My first visa is up on the 18th October. I have been working since I have been here and then travelling etc so. I'm just feeling like I don't actually want to be here, but I know I will feel that way about home and want to leave after a while.

My partner agrees with me and knows I have not been happy for some time now, I understand that if he comes home with me and doesnt really want to he may resent me for it in a few years, but honestly I think he is okay with it.

I just need people that don't know me to tell me what they think. It's a pretty big decision and once I have booked the flights thats that!

My heart is telling me that I want to go home but I am not sure if its the right thing to do, if it really comes to it I can just save up and fly off again somewhere new!

Any advice or maybe someone with a similar experience I would be greatful for your opinion!

2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5174 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Slowly figuring out what it is that you really want and care about when you're free from the expectations of and obligations to people who know you, is for me always one of the key benefits of long-term travelling. You seem to have figured out your current feelings pretty well. There's no "shame" or anything in returning home, and using your second year visa now seems to me to be a bit of a waste, when there's a very good chance you would be in a position to enjoy it much more a few years down the road. (Do be sure to carefully hang on to your documentation proving that you've completed the three months of specified work!)

So go home, and go study. There's a ton not to like about studying, too, but overall it ends up pretty worthwhile, so sit it out anyway, and scratch the travelling urge with shorter trips in between. (Of course: Isn't the academic year just now starting? Could you still begin in October, or would you need to sit out nearly a year first before you could start?)

Oh, and when next heading in the direction of Australia, in a few years, consider New Zealand. Based on your description of Australia as "bland", that might be just the country you're looking for. I at least regularly had my mind blown when hiking through New Zealand scenery, where Australia never quite managed that. (Then again, you could mean so many things; in cultural ways New Zealand is even more "bland" than Australia, so maybe it won't be your thing either; but at least worth considering.)

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3. Posted by esiellablaze (Budding Member 5 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for your reply, it is so helpful. I want to do vet nursing and you don't have to start that in September as it's an apprenticeship and I would probably need to volunteer for a while to get a job anywhere anyway!

Yeah I think New Zealand looks amazing!! There are some great spots here on the coast but not many that take your breath away( Esperance WA is beautiful though) I feel Australia lacks charm and as its a relatively new country I think everything just seems the same! I have already applied for my visa, but I'm pretty sure if I leave before my first one runs out then my second one will start when I re enter but I will give them a call to check this out, if not I can always withdraw my application.

I know when I go home it will be cold and heading into winter, so I will be a bit blue at first, and finding a job doing what I want is going to be challenging. I will definately be taking holidays as often as possible when I get home.

I definately feel that if I come back later on I will be a bit wiser and use my year better and really appreciate oz, and maybe get myself a nice animal related job where I could use my new skills( I have actually worked at a wildlife shelter here, thats what made me decide I definately wanted to be a vet nurse, cute baby roos!)