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i'm a 35 y.o. Australian living with my Danish wife in Copenhagen. We have just booked a quick one week trip to Egypt over the easter break so we can thaw out from this freezing place.We have nothing booked at this stage except our flights from Copenhagen to Cairo arriving March 23rd. I have been to the Red Sea before in 98 and that's where we will be heading straight for. Maybe u can help us out with some of these questions?

1) Where should we go? we r outgoing and young with no kids and we hate package deal tourist traps... we like things quiet, clean and stylish. Dahab, Taba or Sharm?

2) We arrive into Cairo on a Wednesday afternoon and we want to get onto a beach asap.... what's the most cost effective and quickest way to get to that part of Egypt?

3) Any recommendations for specific hotels? we don't have all the money in the world but we do like things to be as I mentioned it above.

4) any other advice u may think is relevant to help us enjoy our time there?

thankyou so much for taking the time to read this and if u choose to reply thankyou even more.

George D

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first of all if youre trying to avoid tourist traps, stay away from sharm. Dahab is a much more fun place to be . As for the quickest way from cairo to the Red Sea coast, flying is obviously the quickest, but not the most cost effective. There are buses from Cairo to Taba (5-6 hours) and from there you can take a taxi down the coast (1-2 hours). There are buses as well , taxis are just more convenient, and not expensive if you know how to bargain.

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I'll second that - Dahab is also a really interesting place for diving/snorkelling, there are some really top spots nearby.

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Just letting you know i've probably made loads of spelling mistakes etc but here goes.....

number one choice would have to be Dahab, i wouldn't go near Sharm unless you want to feel like you're stuck in tourist trap hell, its like being in Tenerife or one of the ''costas''....... its also one of the most expensive and most ripped of places in Egypt , well that and the other hell Hurghada........

Dahab is laid back and relaxed, loads of places just to chill, snorkle, dive and theres still plenty of places that do day trips if you want some culture etc (check out sun rise at the top of the mountain near St Katherines Monastry)......

I found the cheapest way to get there was the bus though it was a long journey and the buses aren't the most comfortable,..... oh and bring a walkman or book with you, on the public buses you get blasted with local music, speeches and prayers very loudly !!

As for hotels I'll have to find my tickets to remember where we stayed in Dahab but I would recommend it, it was clean, cheap and close to the beach, I'll check it out tonight and post it on Monday.....

Hope you have a great time, Nikki

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Yes, I would also say Dahab. It's very chill and has easy access to snorkelling, Mt. Sinai, camel treks and all that. I got to Daham from the mainland by ferry from Hurghada (it was horrible, everyone threw up the whole way) and then got back to Cairo from Dahab by the bus. I second the previous post in that it was quite uncomfortable and the Egyptian "entertainment" was hellish, so do bring headphones. As I remember it was about a 9 hour trip--I took the night bus expecting to sleep but didn't at all as there was a plump "stewardess" walking down the aisle the whole time serving hot tea and bumping everyone along the way. But it was cheap, safe, and it got me where I needed to go.

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I went to Dahab years ago. However, I considered it to be excellent. It's the type of place that you can really chill out completely, and just "lose" yourself to the world. After a few days, I realised that I did not want to live in the western world any more. I forced myself to return to Israel and start readjusting my think back to western ways before flying back into England

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Was in Dahab in September. Amazing little place.
Apart from the fact you can chill out completely, theres not really any hassle from the shop owners (You'll get VERY annoyed about the shopkeepers before you get to Dahab). Theres internet access, nice shops. Go to the little old guy opposite the El Farner resturaunt.
Asked him how much a t-shirt was and he just pointed and shouted
"HA! Bloody english!" Now that is my kind of service! He then toddeled off for about 15mins to get my size leaving the shop empty.
You can buy some great paintings on canvas for a fiver, oh and get all your photos developed at the Fujifilm shop! VERY cheap, and the best quality print i've ever seen.

At night,......the resturaunts.....oh the food! MASSIVE FISH! Amazing rice, the food was just unreal. Plus you can sit there with a sheesha.

My advice would be to go to aswan and get a felucca there.

Oh and climb Mount Sinai at night, sleep for an hour or two at the top and watch the sunrise, there are loads of people on the way up, and camels if you can't hack it