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I am going to a meeting in Sydney the last week of August. Since I am headed that far way I decided to take 2 additional weeks to visit the area around Cairns.
I haven't had the oportunity yet to plan anything about my trip. What concerns me currently however, given that i'll be travelling alone, is how to manage the packing with such diverse activities. My backpack is way too small for the meeting stuff, while I hate suitcases for non-meeting activities. Anybody else ever had such a dilemma? Any advice or ideas?

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It sounds like your 'meeting' stuff is the problem. What on earth are you taking that won't fit into a backpack?! Or do you mean that it will get crushed with all the other stuff in there?. If so, can you get the meeting stuff to go inside another container within your pack?
I put documents flat in a ziploc bag, so they didn't get crushed. I also used a large plastic food container as a first-aid box, but it would have fit documents in if needed, without getting them crushed.
It looks like you'll have to sacrifice some clothes space. But you're only going for 2 weeks, so you'll only need a pair of shorts, a hat and some suncream.
You MUST fly to Cairns - the drive would take you a week.

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Yes, indeed the 'meeting' stuff is the problem. Extra clothing and the poster presentation stuff. Unless I buy a new large backpack.
Yes, planning to fly to Cairns and move from there.

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For your presentation stuff can you not buy an art folder-they are so cheap and are flat-very light??!! maybe, i dont know!!

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If you're flying out of Sydney I'd just take the suitcase for your meeting crap, keep the backpack for your trip and just rent a locker at the airport (or some storage facility) for the suitcase - come back for it before you leave and you're golden.