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I know this is really random question and I apologise in advance!

We (hubby & I) set off travelling from the UK Feb 2011 and visited North America in the winter before heading to South America for their winter. We were in Patagonia in June (it was stunning, but very cold). We both have a Montane down jacket which has its own stuff sack, so it goes down to the size of a football.

We are currently in New Zealand and will be heading to Asia in November. We aren't sure at the moment exactly where in Asia we'll be going or for how long.

Is there any chance we'll need our down jackets??? If we send them home and we end up somewhere cold (Northern China maybe) is it easy / cheap enough to buy something warm to wear?

We are just trying to reduce our load a little and trying to work out what to send home if we can.

Any suggestions / advice would be a great help.

Thanks in advance

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I live in Shanghai, my parents are coming to visit for Christmas and I am asking them to bring a down jacket with them for me from Australia.

Reason being what you buy overseas you know what you are getting for absolute guarantee... I am not convinced that 'down' jackets here are in fact made from ducks or geese, and are not polyester, even partially. I am not convinced that if it is 'down', it is sourced ethically. And I am not convinced that brand name items are in fact genuine articles.

So, if space is not a problem I would bring your genuine down jackets, but if it is, you will be able to find warm clothing here in China, at a good price. Remember to bargain.

We will be going to the Great Wall and Harbin in January and will definitely need such warm clothing then!!

Hope this is helpful!!
Enjoy the next stage of your trip!!

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You don't say how long you'll be in Asia, or where in Asia - how can we answer intelligently then?

Mountainous parts of N. Vietnam can get a little snow in Jan/Feb, and I can tell you that S. Korea is frigid in winter. Asia ain't no small place!

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Quoting Daawgon

- how can we answer intelligently then?

For some, no amount of information will fix that.

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Thanks for your replies

We don't know exactly where we'll be going in Asia or for how long either!!!

Very useful to know where / when it might be cold.


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I wouldn't worry about and just send your stuff home. If you do get caught out somewhere cold, its not like you will be the only one feeling it and so there will always be warm clothing on sale somewhere close. Yes it might be a cheap knock off, but they will usually last long enough for the time you are cold and far outweigh the inconvenience of dragging around extra stuff that you "might" need.

I find good under shirts are more convenient to travel with than a large jacket. They pack small, you can layer up with them, or they can be worn as single layer clothing too.

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Thanks Dodger - exactly what I needed to know. I had hoped we'd be able to buy stuff if need be, will send our stuff home.

Thanks again

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Howdy Deb!

For mainland Japan (from Hokkaido to central Kyushu), in winter (late Nov. to mid-March), a down coat comes in very handy, as the air is always moist and the wind sharp.

But warm coats can easily be found for sale in Japanese discount and second-hand shops if you're in a pinch. If you decide to come out here, let me know which city you'll be in and I can give you a quick list of some shops.