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Travel Buddy: Central America - Dec 4, 2012 - Jan 31, 2013

Travel Forums Travel Companions Travel Buddy: Central America - Dec 4, 2012 - Jan 31, 2013

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Hello everyone,

I'm brand new on the board.
I planned for a shoestring trip to Central America from Dec 4th, 2012 to Jan 31, 2013. Ticket is booked.

I don't have a completed itinerary yet but here's a rough draft and what I wanted to get out of the trip.
If you are traveling into the region during similar time frame and don't have a plan yet, I welcome you to be my traveling buddy (either full or partial of the trip). This is a win-win situation as we can split cost, save money, keep our budget and most of all, watching out for each others' safety in a strange land. Ideally, you're female

BTW, I do not speak Spanish so if you can't, that would make me feel better since we're in the same level field, lol.

Landing in Guatamela City, Guatamela on Dec 4th, 2012. Fly out from Panama City Jan 31, 2013 back to the US..

  1. Immediately begins Spanish school for 2-4 weeks in San Pedro, Lake Atitlán, depending on my progress/school. We can do day/weekend trips around the area while I'm in school. I will be staying at the school's dormitory while in school (cheaper) but open to staying at other place to share cost with you, should you join me for this part of the trip.
  2. The remaining time (after Spanish school) in Central America, I'm looking to check out every country in CA (Belize, Honduras, El Salvadore, Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama) for a little bit of the local flavor. We don't have to necessary check out every country but would like to do it in a manner that we don't have to backtrack as my final destination is Panama. I return home from Panama city.
  3. I also plan to travel mostly by buses or even chicken buses throughout the region to save money.
  4. Tentative plan of squeezing in a little bit of volunteering work at the local hospital or the area NGO's during my time there would be nice.

About me:

  • Female
  • Late 20's.
  • Easy going, open mind
  • Professional
  • Not too much of a fraternity party type kind but social drinker and do appreciate good time with good company.
  • Enjoy a variety of things (sight seeing, hiking, dancing, cooking, eating, cultural things ie. wouldn't mind checking out all the local handicrafts, museum).
  • I'm not a surfer or diver and I don't have a budget for this hobby.
  • But....I love the beach and can sun bathing or lounging on the beach all day.

If this sounds like something you like to do if you're going to be in the area or already in it but open to make more friends and traveling buddy, please reach out.

Thanks and happy traveling,

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2. Posted by aisa_basia (Budding Member 2 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Forgot to mention, I also will fly out from San Francisco, California