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My wife and I are putting together a Europe trip that will start in Zagreb in June 2013. I have two questions to which I am seeking answers:

1. I have located the bus timetables for the Zagreb to Sibenik trip and see that there are quite a few services daily. Can anyone advise me if it is necessary to pre-book a ticket (and if so, how far in advance) or are tickets readily available on the day of travel? I am looking at the bus that leaves zagreb around 9:30 Am getting to Sibenik at 14:40.

2. All searches for accomodation in Sibenik at that time (June 6 & 7) show very few options and only the odd room left. I have heard that there is plenty of private accomodation available in Croatia when you arrive in a city / town. Can anyone help with advice on this matter? How early do I need to book accomodation?

Thanks for any advice that you can give.

Happy travels


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your trip in June 2013 will fall at the beginning of the "high tourist season" on the Croatian Adriatic, so booking in advance would definitely be a safe way to have things organized upfront. It's rather unpredictable, really, sometimes you can get lucky and find free bus ticket or free room, sometimes there're none.
It also depends on the day of the week - people generally go coastward on Fridays and go back (towards Zagreb) on Sundays. But in the summer tourist season Sundays are usually the days when tourist "shifts" change (new tourists arrive, "old" tourists leave), so it's better to avoid travelling on Sundays in summer in general.

Having that in mind:

(1) The bus shedule is to be found here, at the Zagreb Main Bus Station's website. You'll be able to get the schedule for your trip a couple of months before; now it's too early.

In my experience, it's a hit-and-miss thing with the tickets: generally, when people start flocking towards the Adriatic (usually June), I always buy tickets at least 3-5 days in advance, just to be on the safe side. Like I've mentioned above, it's not such a problem if you're travelling in the middle of the working week, but if you need a ticket for Fri-Sun, then you'd better get it in advance.

I think there's a possibility to book the tickets over the phone or by e-mail, you should definintely check with the Bus Station information service (see website).

(2) I'm not sure where you've looked for the accomodation, several websites popped out in my quick google search for "Sibenik accomodation"... You can either go through a tourist agency and have them make booking for you, or you can find contact info of private "renters"and make booking directly with them.
Like with busses, it may be too early right now for all of the private renters to have information available online for the next (2013) season, so direct contact may be the best.

I don't want to put here links because they might be "promos", so if you need more help, send me a message and I'll se what I can dig out for you from this side.

In any case, you should have accomodation booked in advance for any trip here between June and August. Just in case, so you're not left wondering where to sleep tonight ;)

Hope this helps at least a little.

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Thanks for the reply. This does help greatly and confirms what I thought would be the case. The plan is to get the bus to Sibenik on Thursday. I will take the advice and book in advance.

I assume the same applies to the train from Zagreb to Budapest and onto Prague. We will arrive in Zagreb early June and spend 2 weeks in Croatia returning to Zagreb. Would 2 weeks before be good for booking that train journey?

Again many thanks and happy travels.:)