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Hello all! :)

I'm wondering if anyone can help. I'm looking at a Canadian visa because I've always wanted to travel there. Thing is, I'm currently in Oz on a working holiday visa and will be going over to NZ on a working holiday too (possibly for 2 years). In total I will have spent about 3 to possibly four years outside of the UK because of this.

On the Canadian Working Holiday website it says:

What does “3 years habitual residency requirement” mean?

This means that that a candidate’s habitual residence (i.e. physically residing/living) must be in the UK for a period of at least three years full-time directly prior to applying to the IEC. An exception can be made if the candidate has temporarily resided in a foreign country for studies or short-term work, but the time spent outside the UK must not exceed 18 months cumulative over the three previous years.

It sounds stupid but does this mean when I get back to the UK I wil have to wait 3 years before applying for a Canadian visa? It would be very close to the age limit by then for me :(

Has anyone else had this experience? I'd love to hear.

Thanks :)

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I have no idea how they would actually check this, so I wouldn't be too worried. Then again, if you are still 2 years away from applying for this visa, know that a LOT can happen in 2 years :) You might not actually want to travel to Canada anymore, their visa rules might have changed etc. etc.