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Im looking to travel to south america next October 2006, for 2 months, there is just a few problems. 1 i dont want to travel on my own and 2 where do i start? so.. i thought about doing a 2 month trip around south america with exodus, its tailor made and its travelling with people all the time, but its kinda of expensive. i want to vist: Rio, Lima, Cuzco,(trek in machu pichu) and Argentina and maybe up to Mexico to see the ruins!

do i have to organise trips to machu pichu or can i just go along?
is it easier to book a flight before i go from RIO to Lima or cheaper to do it there?
Please help i would like to start planning!

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You need to book the Inca trail in advance. They say at least 30 days. If you really want to do the Inca Trail, I would book that and then build the rest of the trip around that.

2 months is not a long time, and you have a lot on your plate, especially if one week of that is going to be taken up with an Inca Trail trek. I might consider dropping Mexico off, given the large distance you would have to cover to get up to Mexico from South America (and the cost of the flight wouldn't be cheap either).


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Hey wizzkid
Im Martin From Buenos Aires.
I ll tell you one place in Brazil that u cant don t know.
Near Rio de Janeiro, you must take a bus from rio to angra dos reis and after that a little ship to Ilha Grande. Its an amazing island, u can search at the e-net and tell me what do u think about.
I went last january and belive me ... its amazing.
Well , Buenos Aires is just beautiful, one of the nicest big cities all around the globe.
If u need something, just tell it to me.
I hope u enjoy your trip !


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thats great, thanks guys. im just goig to save for now and see what happens.
i really want to go to south america and do the inca trail but im not keen on travelling alone so i might go with budget expeditions they seem good!