Want to travel but not on my own....

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1. Posted by Booberrie (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi all,

I am new to this and thought I would ask for some advice....

I know I want to go travelling to Thailand, Singapore those kind of areas but I've never really travelled before and wouldn't like to do it on my own.....can you go with groups or is anyone else going travelling?


Boo :)

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Boo, you're worrying unduly... Choosing a destination like Thailand is the perfect decision for a new traveller with no experience.

Thailand is FILLED with nervous first time backpackers just like yourself. It has an excellent backpacker support infrastructure in place that makes it an easy, non-intimidating destination - yet it's still completely foreign to a westerner. It's the perfect mix.

Just go. Stick to the usual beaten trail that's outlined in all the guidebooks and you'll be constantly surrounded with a horde of young foreign backpackers the very same as yourself. It'll be super easy to met up with other like minded people, no worries.

Have fun.


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I'm in exactly the same position as you! But after talking to some of my friends who have been travelling on their own, they said it was the best decision they ever made - so I'm taking the plunge! Planning on doing Thailand in Feb/March next year then going onto Australia.

When are you thinking of going?

Abi :)

4. Posted by Booberrie (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi Terry - thanks for the advice it is much appreciated!!

Hi Abi!!
I'm looking at going in March time next year as well! Scary as hell thinking about it to be honest but I know I've got to take the plunge and just do it before I get too old! I've found a great company that do Thailand tours with so much to offer it is amazing!!! I've been to Australia but only short term to see family out there. Tis a beautiful place! I'm just scared of doing it solo! X

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Just to add to the other comments-you'll be fine. Once you get out there, you'll wonder why you were worried in the first place. :)

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Hey Boo,

I am looking at doing the same thing, also nervous! I've worked and travelled on the east coast in the States but this is a different ball game. Desperate to check out Phi Phi! When are you heading out?

Mitch :)

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i'm thinkin of taking my A4 across the country. I heard that Kevin Costner has a hotel casino in deadwood south dakota and is actually playing in a band there.

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I was a student in Singapore this past Fall, and I traveled all over Southeast Asia. I did some trips in small groups of 2 or 4 people, but I spent about half of my time alone in my adventures. I can't explain how amazing it was, and I never had any troubles. Like was stated before, there is a common trail that many backpackers in this area follow, and once you stay at your first hostel/ guesthouse you will meet others who are likely to give you great advice about other places you are looking to go.

Feel free to check out http://singaporeadventures.travellerspoint.com/ for some of my stories. Things are separated out by country, so you can check out what specifically applies to you.

Hope things work out!